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Social responsibility review – 17 July

What’s coming up

United for Palestine fundraiser

An auction of art to raise funds for the Occupied West Bank Trauma and Rehabilitation Centre will be held on 4 August between 6.30 pm and 9.30 pm. Items include handmade Palestinian cross-stitch, crochet and embroidery, and photography and paintings.

Entry is $40 for adults, $30 for children and includes a meal and non-alcoholic drinks. For more information phone Salam on 0422 585 179 or Riyaad 0434 984 520. Please book online.

Week in review

Empathy for strangers

Why do we care so much more about the Thai soccer team than the 200 children held in detention on Nauru and the Australian mainland?  Research from moral psychology helps us understand.

After their father’s suicide, these sisters are helping regional teens speak out on mental health issues

These teenagers live in a small rural town in South Australia. Their father was on a waiting list to see a counsellor for six months after developing mental health issues. His appointment came up in the week he died, but it was too late. These young women knew they had to do something to help other young people and their families with their mental and physical health.

Baby Jesus in a cage

A church in the USA recently placed a cage around the statues of baby Jesus, Mary and Joseph in protest against the Trump administration’s widely condemned immigration policy. This is a bold statement, reminding us that the holy family were homeless and fled danger to seek asylum in Egypt. Rev Stephen Carlsen said “We must not be divided by race, language or culture, but reach out to care for our neighbours—because every family is sacred.”

Traditional owners object

Adani is facing the prospect of being ordered to cease work in the vicinity of its Abbot Point coal terminal and planned rail corridor, after Juru traditional owners applied for a “stop order” to protect sacred sites.

Call to action

Mission Australia Youth Survey 2018

This annual survey is now open for young people aged 15–19 years to speak up about the issues that really concern them. It provides valuable insights into the lives of young Australians and an understanding of their aspirations, values, concerns and ambitions. The survey closes on 31 July.

Please share this with young people. Resources to help you do this in your congregation or youth group are available online.

Celebrating our multicultural church

Queensland Multicultural Month is celebrated in the month of August. In the Queensland Uniting Church we will spend the month reflecting on what it means to be a multicultural and cross-cultural church. How do our congregations recognise and confirm the range of cultures present?

Please set aside Sunday 26 August as a day of celebration of our multicultural church. Liturgy resources will be available by the end of July.



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