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Embracing a Mission-Driven Approach – Reverend Rod Fisher at The Gap Uniting Church

By Andrew McKaysmith, Synod Writer and Content Creator. The COVID-19 pandemic, changing demographics and increasing costs of living have presented continuous challenges for The Gap Uniting Church (UC), the largest congregation in the Moreton Rivers Presbytery. The Presbytery designed the ‘Reimagined’ program to aid congregations in finding their genuine purpose, identifying their distinct strengths and areas for enhancement, and understanding ...

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Breath of life

One of the key discipleship commitments outlined in the Shared Life, Flourishing communities report, produced as a part of Project Plenty last year, was to reawaken an understanding and passion for discipling children, youth, young adults and families (CYYAF) across the life of the church here in Queensland. With the recent release of the National Church Life Survey Qld Synod ...

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The Afterlife: what happens next?

It’s one of our eternal questions with no easy answers: what happens to us after we die? Although the statistics suggest many Australians believe in the afterlife, what exact form that takes is still up for debate, whether you’re a Christian or not. Rev Dr David Mackay-Rankin explores the afterlife, the Christian theology underpinning it and its depiction in popular ...

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What place do young people have in the Uniting Church?

There’s no escaping the reality that the church needs an injection of youth in its demographic makeup but what can be done to kickstart the generational transition? Trinity College Queensland’s Gap Year and Leadership Programs project officer Simon Gomersall offers his thoughts on the matter. The stats are in and they’re not good. The 2016 National Church Life Survey confirmed ...

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Number crunching the health of the church

The 2016 National Church Life Survey (NCLS) data results have been released to the public but what do the numbers say about the state of the Uniting Church in Queensland and, more broadly, about Christianity in Australia? Queensland Synod Director of Mission Scott Guyatt investigates. Results from the 2016 National Church Life Survey are filtering through after more than 240 000 ...

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Stranger danger: creating welcoming church communities

(Left to right) newcomers coordinator at Newlife Uniting Church Marcelle Fricker with newcomer Darryl Holbrook, Rev Derek Schiller, St George Uniting Church, with congregation member Ned Jones. Photos were supplied.

Someone new walks into church. You’re torn between maintaining a polite distance and asking them around for lunch and afternoon Bible study. Dianne Jensen talks to two quite different Uniting Churches about welcoming newcomers. Stepping through the church door can be a scary business. The jargon and rituals are unnerving—and that’s before someone is invited to stand up and sing! ...

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Number crunch: Does the Uniting Church have a future?

2013 Uniting Church census data displayed in an infographic format.

Data from the 2013 census of the Uniting Church in Australia has been released just in time for its 37th anniversary. It reveals an organisation facing some tough decisions. Dianne Jensen reports. Thirty-seven years down the track, Australia’s first home-grown church is facing a mid-life crisis familiar to any adult wondering where the kids have gone and what lies ahead. ...

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We’re all in this together: What the latest data says about the Uniting Church

Source from 2011 NCLS attender denominational surveys

National Church Life Survey analysis is highlighting some encouraging trends in Uniting Church congregations, reports Dianne Jensen. Do you feel settled at your local church, yet sense that your gifts are not being fully used? You’ll support outreach initiatives (if they don’t clash with your volunteer work) but would prefer not to personally invite people to church. Growing confidence and ...

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Surveying the lives of churches

ONCE AGAIN Uniting Churches all over the country are getting ready for the 2011 National Church Life Survey – for which each denomination will be allocated a survey month from September to November. The National Church Life Survey (NCLS) is a tool that provides churches with evidence based insight to equip them for ministry and mission. It has helped participating ...

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ACU teams up with ecumenical Church research group, NCLS Research

AUSTRALIAN CATHOLIC University (ACU) has launched a new partnership with ecumenical Church research group, NCLS Research. NCLS Research comprises of the Uniting Church NSW/ACT Board of Mission, Anglicare Sydney, the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference, and now ACU. Best known for its five‐yearly National Church Life Surveys, NCLS Research has interests in developing healthy churches, growing sustainable leaders, and connecting churches and ...

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