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Love is a verb

“I used to think Jesus motivated us with ultimatums, but now I know he pursues us in love.”—Bob Goff

Love is something that is often talked about, but it seems to be rarely understood. Bob Goff’s book, Love Does is a rarity. Although it is a memoir, it is not just an appreciation of Goff’s achievements and commitments—many and varied as they are—it is also a personal call for a rejuvenated understanding of what it means to love. By telling his own stories, Goff inspires a new appreciation of what it means to live a life fuelled by love.

Love Does

Love Does: Discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world
Bob Goff
Thomas Nelson Publishers, 2012
RRP $15.99

Love Does is an anecdotal guide on how best to love your life and those it encompasses.

“I used to think that being a believer was enough, but now I know Jesus wants us to participate, no matter what condition we are in,” he says.

Goff’s spirit and love for God permeates this book from the very first page and is evident in the stories he shares from his life. Chapter by chapter Goff reveals proof that God calls us to action our faith in a “love does” manner just as Jesus’ disciples once did; to throw caution to the wind and say to God “I am with you”.

There are chapters in this book for everyone and for every lesson. Some are laugh-out-loud funny and others are full of joy, but what is most powerful is the reminder that love isn’t just a noun; love is also a verb, an action.

There is a challenge here: Will you choose to live your life as if love is a noun or a verb? Will you choose to act in life or merely be a bystander? Will you choose to have bold faith, or will you turn a blind eye to that which you are called? Love Does teaches us that love doesn’t just “do” once, it causes a chain reaction. That is exactly the effect of this book: giving others a hope that they too can affect change in their own lives and in those around them.

Hannah MacCallum
Founder, Cambodia child sponsorship program
Newlife Uniting Church, Robina

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