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Gathering in all of God’s children

Amplifying our Witness: Giving Voice to Adolescents with Developmental Disabilities. Author: Benjamin T Connor, Publisher: William B Eerdmans, 2012, Retail Price: $21.95

Being an inclusive community of faith with respect to adolescents with developmental disability is not just about the “how”. It is not just a pragmatic question of leadership, or support mechanisms, or developmentally appropriate programming. It is a question about who we are as the people of God, and the reality that we are not all we can be if ...

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Science fiction speaks on asylum

Matt Damon stars in Elysium MA15+ Photo by Sony Pictures.

Good science fiction doesn’t just tell us where we are going, it explores where we are now. Although set in Los Angeles and directed by a South African, Elysium actually feels like it could have been made for an Australian audience. Writer-Director Neill Blomkamp’s first feature District 9, as well as some of his short films, has given him a ...

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Transformed by hope

It is easy to overlook the stories of others when we do not have a name and a face to put to them. The power of getting to know others personally is indisputable and can completely change our worldview, but getting to know people who are radically different from us is a challenge. Oceans—both literal and metaphorical—separate us, preventing us ...

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Man of Steel rings hollow

Superman standing in front of American flag

A lot of noise has been made about the Christian themes contained in the latest effort in the Superman franchise, Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. Warner Bros has even specially marketed the film to Christians, hiring Dr Craig Detweiler, a communications professor at Pepperdine University, to write a series of sermon resources to accompany the film. Superman comics ...

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Big book on the small screen

The Mark Burnett-produced series, The Bible, aired on Channel 9 in July to 1.2 million viewers and was the number one show in the timeslot, beating Winners and Losers and Master Chef. It also trended well across social media in the lead up to its broadcast. Some would say airing it after the Country Women’s Association-friendly The Great Australian Bake ...

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Dancing between faith and matter

Two friends immediately spring to mind when reading Rob Bell’s new book What We Talk About When We Talk About God. The first would call himself an atheist. One might say he is potentially intrigued by the idea of God, but utterly unconvinced of the existence of God, especially from a scientific point of view. My second friend is a ...

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Mary meets Mohammad

Mary meets Mohammad is a stunning and very timely contribution to a very toxic public discourse, and a presentation of issues which many people will find easy to follow. It speaks to the heart and the head. If you care about social justice, and are confused by the current poisonous politics, this is a must see. Island people like Tasmanians ...

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Nursing the outback

Bush Nurses starts with a story about a nurse who saves a baby in-utero by physically holding the cord off the baby’s neck until the flying doctor can arrive as backup. Right from the beginning this book consistently delivers fascinating stories. Healthcare is offered very differently away from the big city in regional areas, and between regional and remote country ...

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Love, tears & autism

Love, tears & autism By Cecily Patterson Ark House Press, 2011 RRP $19.99 How do we face the challenges that life throws our way? Where do we draw our strength? Some of my best friends have daughters or sons with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) so I was very interested in this easy to read Australian book. I was riveted by ...

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Loss and Discovery

Loss and Discovery Edited by Margaret Wesley Mosaic Press 2013 RRP $29.99 Here is an in depth collection of articles presenting the Christian viewpoint on responding to grief with the compassion of Christ and the skills of God's people. This is not for the beginner, mildly curious or the faint hearted. In fact, this is the collection of all the ...

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