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May 2016 Journey
May 2016 Journey

May 2016 Journey now available

Welcome to the May edition of Journey and my first in the editor’s seat. I’d like to acknowledge the fine work of my predecessor, Rohan Salmond who produced a magazine that truly lived up to its core mandates: to inspire, to provoke and to engage.

Click here to read May Journe

Click here to read May Journey

The major question I ask myself as I settle in the role is, “What kind of journey do we want our audience to embark on in terms of the 21st century media ecosystem?”

Print publications face significant challenges in an increasingly online world but there is still something special about the haptic, the tactile sensation of flipping through these pages rather than swiping your finger across a tablet device.

The magazine will remain as a print publication but I strongly encourage you to explore our website, Facebook page and YouTube channel as we grow these information hubs to cater to the online community.

Speaking of “community”, May brings the 32nd Synod in Session meeting, a “gathering of the tribe” to quote Rev David Baker in his moderator’s message (page 4), and we offer up seven prominent things to look out for during the event (page 17).

A much beloved staple of any community is the garage sale: our handy how-to guide (page 6) features local success stories, best-practice tips, and reveals the environmental benefits of turning unwanted items into fundraising dollars.

Our feature on modern missionaries (page 10) unveils inspiring stories of Australians who venture into international communities to help build capacity in developing regions: a timely reminder that a sense of “community” extends beyond our local postcodes.

Fresh from his nation-wide speaking tour, British author Adrian Plass spoke with Journey (page 14) about how his raw, humorous style has attracted a global community of fans eager for his honest approach to faith.

If you’re thinking of positive ways to contribute to your community, National Volunteer Week (page 5) arrives in mid-May. It’s a great opportunity to find out more information on how you can volunteer and embody the spirit of Jesus’ teachings.

Ben Rogers
Cross-platform editor

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