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December 2017 Journey now available

Our Christmas campaign theme for this year, #thischangeseverything, is obviously a reference to the birth of Christ and its monumental impact on the course of history ever since. Every aspect of our lives—art, the sciences, politics, technology, you name it—has been marked by the influence of Christianity.

But the theme is also designed to speak to those moments that forever alter the landscape of our human experience and how change impacts the lens through which we see the world. Change is constant and inescapable, sometimes positive, sometimes not, but we humans have a remarkable knack for adaptation and survival and making the best out of a situation when we adjust to new environments.

Digital technology has had a profound influence on the publishing world and Journey will be changing from 2018 onwards to keep with the times. I’m confident what we have in store next year and beyond will be a positive change for the magazine.

While we currently publish the magazine 11 times a year, from 2018 we will be converting to a quarterly publication schedule (March, June, September and December editions only) and increasing the volume of each edition by eight pages. We’re refocusing our attention to more of the good news stories from the life of the church in Queensland with the increased page count.

Our online edition will be getting a revamp and we intend to dedicate our website to more opinion pieces, cultural reviews and local stories. As always I want to stress that our magazine would not be what it is without contributions from the Uniting Church community so please keep sending in your story ideas, articles and letters to the editor.

Finally a few personnel changes: our editor-in-chief (and frequent writer) Mardi Lumsden and graphic designer Holly Jewell will both be moving on from Journey in the new year. I want to thank them for their contributions to the magazine over the years. It has been a pleasure to work with you both. I’ve grown professionally stronger by having you on the team, bringing a passion and dedication to making Journey the best it can be.

I wish all our readers a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Ben Rogers

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