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Five ways to make child safe churches

Active planning for safety can help us meet our mission goals and reach out to the community. It’s absolutely critical that every church is a child safe church. Here’s five tips that will help make that happen.

1Share guardianship

Every person engaged in the life of the church needs to grow a culture of shared guardianship of children. The Child Safe Church policy endeavours to support congregations to achieve this goal. Your presbytery also has a risk management officer who can support you with this in your congregation.

2Find safe people

Make sure that those with the most appropriate gifts and abilities are working with children and are provided support in their roles.

3Use safe places

Ensure the venues used for child and youth ministry are maintained in a state which best meets the needs of the activities.

4Make safe programs

Work within the boundaries of the church’s policy and procedure documents so that planned activities are conducted in a way that is safe for everyone. Planning for safety is an integral part of the success of your child and youth ministries.

5Speak up

If you think something is amiss, no matter how large or small, raise it with the appropriate people as soon as possible. If you are not sure who to speak with, a good place to start is the “Responding to abuse and harm” document, which is on the Synod website.

All resources in this list can be found on the Child Safe Church section of the Queensland Synod website. Go to ucaqld.com.au/administration/compliance/child-safe-church and click on Child Safe Church documents.

If you need support for your concerns contact Amanda Hickey at the Synod office at amanda.hickey@ucaqld.com.au

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