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Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week.  

Mary miracle just a pipe dream?

The Daily Mail covers news of hundreds of Catholics visiting algae growing beneath a pipe that allegedly contains the image of the Virgin Mary. Discovered by a young boy in the Boyaca region who claimed the image of Mary moved which caused him to drop to his knees and pray, hundreds soon flocked to the pipe praying the holy rosary to the image.

While some locals are convinced of this “miracle” the local church is asking for patience, Father Victor Leguizamon requesting, “When there is an apparition, one must act prudently until the competent authority certifies the authenticity.”  

LGBT say Do-Nut visit this shop

CBN News reports on an American donut shop which is drawing heat from the LGBT community over their decision to work with the Salvation Army to give Christmas gifts to children in need.

In line with their partnership with the Salvation Army, The Holy Donut store in Portland requested customers donate presents and clothing to families in need (and get a free donut) but some in the LGBT community were unimpressed given the Salvation Army’s alleged discrimination against LGBT people.  

One commenter on Facebook wrote, “In case you forgot, a solid 70 per cent of your clientele is part of the LGBTQ community. You’re making a silent statement that you’re completely fine with their [the Salvation Army] choices.”

“R” you being serious about CHRISTmas?

Woolworths may be gearing up for the Christmas rush of shoppers but someone in their catalogue team forgot a rather crucial letter in the word “Christmas”, per the Daily Mail. Advertising their Christmas ham the Woolworths catalogue boldly states, “There’s a ham to make every Chistmas magical”.

Ignore the ‘Bel if you want to skip hell

My Christian Daily offers an opinion piece by Shane Idleman—lead pastor of the Californian Westside Christian Fellowship—exploring the Jezebel seduction in contemporary times and how we must all avoid dangerous temptations such as drugs, false idol worship and pornography.

Criticising self-promotion and self-exaltation in the church today, Idleman asks readers, “What’s leading you astray … what’s seducing you? Make no mistake, the sins of one affect others—families are destroyed one sin at a time, one compromise at a time, one seduction at a time. We must stop confusing God’s patience with His approval. The problem is not ‘out there’, it’s ‘in here’—in the heart of man.”

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