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Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week. Check back in every Friday to see the latest wrap up of religious news that made us think and reflect.  

Saints striker flashes Christian tattoo

Daily Mail looks at Southampton football club striker Shane Long’s prominent tattoo on his chest, which was on full display after he scored the winning goal against Liverpool in the EFL Cup semi-final.

Containing the first two verses of the Prayer to the Infant Jesus, Long got the tattoo in memory of the prayer his father read to him as a child.

Church baked goods leave congregation baked (but not good)

The Indianapolis Star reports on the arrest of a 74-year-old man after he distributed THC-laced cookies to congregation members at a Catholic church in Bloomington. Several people were taken to hospital complaining of nausea, sluggishness and lethargy and later tested positive for cannabinoids.

He faces charges of criminal recklessness and possession of hash oil.

Church’s stance leaves gay marriage with no chance 

The Guardian reports on the Church of England and its bishops’ latest report on marriage which upholds that “marriage is a union permanent and life-long, of one man and one woman”.

The report did state that church law and guidance should provide “maximum freedom” for LGBTIQ folks without a change of doctrine, but same-sex marriage campaigners have criticised the report as “cruel” and an “utter failure”.

Spotlight on First Peoples’ justice on new podcast 

Uniting Church member Brooke Prentis is a guest on the PeaceCast podcast to discuss issues around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander justice.

Brooke is a committee member for Churches Together Indigenous People’s Partnership (CTIPP) and spokesperson for Common Grace. 

Missionary gets 20 years in Sudanese prison

Relevant reports on a Christian missionary who has received a 20-year prison sentence in Sudan for baseless charges according to his lawyers and the Czech foreign ministry.

Petr Jasek was charged with entering the country without a visa, spying, taking pictures of military installations, inciting hatred and publishing fake news. He was in the country helping persecuted Christians who have suffered for years under the brutal government of President Omar al-Bashir.


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