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April 2016 Journey now available

April Journey 2016 masthead. Elderly man (Everald Compton) looking at the camera through an iPad.

The award-winning film Spotlight left viewers wondering why the voices of those who were systematically abused by priests in the Boston archdiocese were not heard for so long. This is a reminder that mainstream voices can easily shout down those who do not fit our preconceptions of what is normal and desirable. This edition has a lingering theme of acknowledging ...

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Letters May 2015

Letters to the editor graphic by Uniting Communications.

The following three letters are in regard to the article “Uniting Church marches with pride”, April 2015, page 10. Don’t talk about it We wish to lodge a complaint about the article in Journey about Uniting Church members marching in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade, stating they were also going to do it again in 2016. We truly ...

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April Journey now available

April Journey masthead

The April 2015 edition of Journey is now available to read and download. Lest we forget This month marks 100 years since the landing at Gallipoli; a critical moment in Australia and New Zealand’s history that is burned into the national psyche of both countries. Dawn services will take place around the world, paying tribute to the sacrifice made by those a ...

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War without end

Vietnam veteran Jack Hammer at the Ithaca Memorial in Brisbane. Photo by Holly Jewell.

This Anzac Day, remember those who continue to pay the price for serving their country. Dianne Jensen reports. “I still don’t see the people we killed in ambushes and stuff; I don’t see our guys who were killed or wounded yet I was there. It is like being in a car accident but you don’t remember anything about it.” Rev Jack ...

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Last post for God and country

While some argue about public holidays and pay rates, ‘high’ days and holy days are sensitive topics in the Christian church for entirely different reasons. The Uniting Church is no exception. WHILE CHRISTIANS often bemoan the secularisation and commercialisation of ‘our’ special days such as Easter and Christmas, we struggle to identify with some of the milestones on our community’s ...

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