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April Journey 2016 masthead. Elderly man (Everald Compton) looking at the camera through an iPad.

April 2016 Journey now available

The award-winning film Spotlight left viewers wondering why the voices of those who were systematically abused by priests in the Boston archdiocese were not heard for so long.

Click here to read April Journey

Click here to read April Journey

This is a reminder that mainstream voices can easily shout down those who do not fit our preconceptions of what is normal and desirable. This edition has a lingering theme of acknowledging our past, learning from it and looking towards the future.

Our profile person (page 6) Everald Compton, the outspoken champion of older Australians, would certainly agree. At 84 years, Everald is taking politicians to task over issues such as accessibility to technology and raising the pension.

Another often overlooked minority in the church is single adults; people of all ages and life experiences who are often pushed to one side while the church focuses on families. These people also have something to say in this issue of Journey (page 14).

Some of the voices in our feature on the sad realities of post-apartheid South Africa are unsettling (page 12). The news is not what Uniting Church members who were part of the anti-apartheid campaign in the 1970s want to hear. Yet again, we are called to listen and to respond to the cry for justice.

The heartfelt generosity of congregations in response to the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston in Fiji (page 5) underlines the strong links between the diverse groups which make up the Uniting Church. We can be proud of the way that our church, with the support of many congregations and individuals, is supporting the Methodist Church in Fiji through UnitingWorld.

As the world responds to yet another act of terror, we need to learn from our past, listen to our elders who are the keepers of our collective history (page 9) and prepare our young people to lead the church now and in the future (page 8 and 11).

Mardi Lumsden

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