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Without songs, worship would B–flat

The music flowed at Indooroopilly Uniting Church over the Australia Day long weekend with the 2018 Songwrite conference hitting all the right notes for creativity, collaboration and encouragement. David Busch reports.  Sponsored by the National Assembly’s Working Group on Worship, the Songwrite conference is now in its third iteration and this year saw 25 composers from four states attend. Indooroopilly ...

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Night time is the right time … for church

We traditionally tend to think of church attendance as a morning activity but The Gap Uniting Church has introduced Sunday night worship sessions catering for older youth and young adults. Emma Holmes writes about her experience attending “Night Church” and what newcomers can expect. “What does a dream worship service for young adults look like?” Eighteen months ago, this question ...

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Mission Control: a pioneering spirit in the church

Scott Guyatt

You may have heard the term “pioneer” before but do you know what it means in a faith context? Queensland Synod Director of Mission Scott Guyatt examines pioneering leadership and some of the ways Queensland congregations are already living out the pioneering spirit. If you’ve bounced around the missional church conversation over the last few years, you’ll have almost certainly ...

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Mind the gap

Introducing “Mind the Gap”, a column by Trinity College Queensland lecturer Simon Gomersall exploring issues around young adults, church and managing transitions from one generation to the next. Two women stood on the bow of a ship on a crisp, clear moonlight night. One surveyed the brilliance of the moon and stars reflected on the still water and, in a ...

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The BIG ACT you MUST do this Easter to really embody Jesus

At the heart of the Easter narrative is a miraculous tale of life after death, of sacrifice and renewal, but how can we practise this concept of resurrection in today’s world? Dr John Frederick—Trinity College Queensland’s New Testament Lecturer—reflects on Jesus’ miracle and how Uniting Church members can embody resurrection in their own faith communities. With the coming of Easter, ...

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Euthanasia: the debate which won’t die

Now that the subject of euthanasia is back on the national agenda, Dianne Jensen looks at Christian perspectives on this challenging issue. We all hope for a good death. A peaceful passing surrounded by and reconciled with those we love. And in this era of personalised medicine, it seems right that we should be able to avoid the suffering and ...

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The must-do holiday ideas to revive your spirit

With more and more Christians choosing to visit places of religious significance on their holidays, Dianne Jensen talks to theo-tourists and tour organisers about how to plan a trip and what to expect. Standing on ancient ground or walking in the footsteps of Jesus is a lifelong dream for many Christians. We yearn for a visceral connection with the familiar ...

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5 times Jesus said “I am” and what he meant

Flip through the Book of John and you’ll find numerous times Jesus states, “I am …”, but what was he really getting at with these proclamations. Journey highlights five key times Jesus told us what he was and what he really meant by his statements. Jesus said “I am the resurrection and the life”, not “I am the triple bypass” ...

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