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How feminist theology is changing the way we read the Bible

There’s no denying that patriarchal bias has existed in Christianity throughout the ages but as feminist theory gathered pace in the 20th century so did feminist theology. Rev Dr Anita Monro explores the movement and how it links to the Basis of Union. Feminist theology is now well over 50-years-old. What has it contributed to the Christian faith? Feminist theology ...

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Jesus feminists: Storming the old boys’ club

Rev Kaye Ronalds as Rosie the Riveter. Photo by Holly Jewell.

The dreaded “F” word: bra burnings and angry women are so last century yet the stigma around feminism remains. Ashley Thompson speaks with four Christian women reclaiming feminist values for ministry and mission. Simply put, feminism is a stand for the political, economic and social equality of the sexes. It is the belief that men and women should have equal ...

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September Journey now available

September Journey masthead.

Jesus feminism The Uniting Church is unusual in a number of ways—one of them being its wholehearted embrace of women’s ordination. The Uniting Church has ordained women since union, as did its constituent denominations before that. We stick out among Australian churches in this regard; while other denominations ordain women, few Australian churches match the Uniting Church in their conviction ...

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