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Keep on questioning

It was recently my privilege to facilitate a number of electives at the Uniting Church Synod-wide youth camp, Easter Madness. My electives were titled, “Big Questions” which created space for groups of adolescents to ask and explore questions relating to life and faith. I was deeply impressed by the depth of questions asked, the maturity of ensuing interaction and the ...

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Easter Madness? More like Easter Radness

There’s nothing quite like throwing a bunch of high school students into an action-packed weekend of worship, adventure and fun! Easter Madness 2018 brought together over 150 high schoolers, leaders and helpers from across Queensland to grow in faith, friendship and community. Emma Holmes reports. It’s hard not to just say “you had to be there!” in trying to grasp ...

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Royston’s dream to inspire

Already a role model in his home town of Mapoon, a small community an hour’s drive from Weipa in Queensland’s far north, Royston Sagigi-Baira speaks to James O’Callaghan about his career highlights, connection to the Church and his hopes for the future. Royston, who relocated to Brisbane last year to attend the Aboriginal Centre of Performing Arts, hopes to draw ...

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True faith on display at Easter Madness

This year’s sponsored candidates from outside the south east corner. Photo: Steve Molkentin

What do you get when you add over 170 energy-filled young people with games, worship and minimal sleep? The answer is Easter Madness 2017. Ben Tupou reports. A week before Easter, young people from across the state gathered at the Sunshine Coast Recreational Centre to worship, express their creativity, and learn more about God and faith in today’s society. An ...

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Youth revel in Easter Madness

Making mission possible for young people in rural Queensland.

The new Uniting Church youth camp Easter Madness was a great success. Journey reports Over 100 young people from across the Uniting Church in Queensland celebrated the Easter weekend together at the inaugural Easter Madness youth camp in March. The Easter Madness Appeal also meant that 13 young people, including two leaders, from rural and remote Queensland were able to ...

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Youth ministry—it’s not rocket science!

Youth delegates at Yurora NCYC 2014 in Sydney, Parramatta.

Forget the flashing lights and loud music, ministry to children and youth is about valuing people and relationships. Rev Josie Neuendorff explains. When I speak to people in congregations about children and youth ministry, I am almost always asked about what programs and activities will attract young people and keep them interested. The answer is, simply, there are none. Compared ...

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