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Easter Madness 2018. Photo: Emma Holmes

Easter Madness? More like Easter Radness

There’s nothing quite like throwing a bunch of high school students into an action-packed weekend of worship, adventure and fun! Easter Madness 2018 brought together over 150 high schoolers, leaders and helpers from across Queensland to grow in faith, friendship and community. Emma Holmes reports.

It’s hard not to just say “you had to be there!” in trying to grasp the overwhelming sense of community that flowed throughout the four-day camp, held the weekend after Easter for high schoolers.

First time camper Lani shared her response to the camp—a reflection experienced by many others. “Having never been to Easter Madness before, I went into it having no clue what I was in store for,” says Lani. “When I arrived I immediately felt welcome and I had an incredible time!

“Having the opportunity to connect with others who were there for the same purpose, partake in activities that allowed me to expand my faith, and connect with God through worship like I never have before was indescribable.”

Easter Madness 2018 discussed the theme of “I am // we are”. Guest speaker, Bradon French unpacked the concept, looking at identity, transformation and being in a community with Christ. With a background in youth ministry, and recently appointed “Intergenerational Ministry – Youth” in the Victoria/Tasmania Synod, French’s experiences brought great insight on the theme and opened up minds for deeper discussion.

The worship experience was a highlight for many, with not just elements one after the other, but rather a seamless journey of reflection, praise and celebration. Through music, the message and response, the Holy Spirit’s presence was felt as the space transformed each day.

“I didn’t really know what to expect at Easter Madness but I thoroughly enjoyed myself,” said Caitlin, a Year 11 camper. “I loved worshipping in different ways and with different people. The camp really helped me see where I want to go in my faith.”

With activities and electives allowing campers to explore God in ways they felt called to, participants could choose their own adventure in how they explored their faith. Those who plunged in the deep end asked big questions, discussed theology and God in our world today. Others explored the gospel through song, sport or art.

Despite many sleepy campers heading home after a big few days, they were farewelling camp with new friends, fun memories and closer to God, looking forward to what the next Easter Madness will bring.


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