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What is the foundation of reality?

While scientists continue to push forward into new frontiers of knowledge about physics, are they getting closer to answering the big questions about our universe’s origins or is the quest for science-based answers doomed to fail? Nick Mattiske reviews a pair of books exploring the big questions about our universe’s known knowns, unknown knowns and unknown unknowns. For some, religious ...

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Book review: The New Cosmic Story

As science progresses and we learn more about the universe and our place within it, what role does religion and spiritual thought play in unlocking the mysteries of our cosmic beginnings? John Haught’s book The New Cosmic Story grapples with the big questions of our existence and how religion has a far greater role in understanding the universe than some ...

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National Science Week special

To coincide with National Science Week (12-20 August) here are some science-related stories we’ve written over the years:  Stem cell biologist Dr Nathan Palpant talks to Dianne Jensen Physicist Dr Joel Corney talks to Dianne Jensen.  Book review: Global Perspectives on Science and Spirituality  Book review: The Big Questions in Science and Religion Book review: God’s Undertaker  Opinion: Engaging science     

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Book review: Beyond Matter

Beyond Matter. Photo: Supplied

Science may not hold all the answers about the universe and ourselves but does it need metaphysics and philosophy? Roger Trigg’s Beyond Matter grapples with science, scientism and metaphysics while examining the big questions around purpose and design. Nick Mattiske reviews. Science has shaped our modern world, therefore our atheist friends tend to think it can explain everything, eliminating the ...

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A quantum leap of faith

University of Queensland senior lecturer in physics Dr Joel Corney. Photo by Holly Jewell.

If there’s one principle that religion and quantum physics agree on, it’s that the search for truth requires an open mind. Physicist Dr Joel Corney talks to Dianne Jensen. Consider this: The only thing we can be sure about is that uncertainty is fundamental to the universe. University of Queensland (UQ) Senior Lecturer in Physics Dr Joel Corney is a ...

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