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Practical tips for a congregation meeting discussing same-gender marriage

Since the 15th assembly in July, many congregations have been holding meetings to discuss their response to the Assembly’s decision on same-gender marriage. South Moreton Presbytery Minister David Busch offers these suggestions on how to conduct effective and graceful conversations on the issue. The Assembly resolved that the church could hold two definitions of marriage, one stating the gender of ...

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Ministry in Queensland’s top end

Meet Karama Ioapo, the minister on the new Kennedy Patrol established by Frontier Services in conjunction with the North Queensland Presbytery. The patrol takes in the former Cape York Patrol and the northern half of the former Flinders Patrol. Dianne Jensen reports. Kennedy Patrol minister Rev Karama Ioapo regularly passes through what’s left of the ghost town of Cumberland on ...

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The ongoing journey of discipleship

Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

There are memories of events in our lives that stay with us, or that pop up at times when we don’t expect. It’s also true for the stories of the scriptures that are a part of my memory; I often find myself asking the question, “Why that story, now, what’s it trying to say to me?” It’s a question I ...

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Letters to the Editor – Spring 2018

Feedback on the Winter edition I am writing to offer my encouragement and appreciation. I am sorry to say in past years I have “passed up” Journey when it arrived in our foyer and Samford Community Church. Not sure why—maybe a cursory look once, determined it didn’t appeal? Well I am now a convert. My business is about listening to ...

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Nurturing faith as students move from school to university?

It can be one of the big chapters in a young person’s life—the transition from high school to tertiary education—but what happens to a young person’s faith as they encounter social and academic freedoms like never before? Raymont Residential College Principal Richard Niessl explores how to ensure high school is not the end of the road for a young person’s ...

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Spring 2018 edition now available

So the 15th Assembly has concluded, decisions have been made and the church has a new President and President-elect. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room though: after three decades of conversation and six years of formal consideration, the church has a position on same-gender marriage. Is everyone happy with that position? No. Is everyone happy with the process ...

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