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Letters to the Editor – Spring 2018

Feedback on the Winter edition

I am writing to offer my encouragement and appreciation.

I am sorry to say in past years I have “passed up” Journey when it arrived in our foyer and Samford Community Church. Not sure why—maybe a cursory look once, determined it didn’t appeal?

Well I am now a convert. My business is about listening to the life stories of older people and recording them into a printed work of their choice. So naturally, I am quite drawn to what I perceive as the stories of the people of God as they serve, love, teach and influence us—just what the team has produced in the latest edition (and probably plenty others if I had bothered to look).

So much else to love too—layout, photo choices, article size and a wise selection of stories across the generations and diverse cultures. 

So, thank you, today I read the Winter 2018 edition cover-to-cover and will continue to be encouraged by the work of your team. Well done good and faithful servants!

Vicki MacPherson
Samford Valley

Night time brings back memories

I read with interest the article in the Autumn 2018 edition about the night school and youth. This took me back to my youth in the 1940s and 1950s. We would walk three miles to Christian Endeavour in the morning, followed by an 11 am service. We went home for lunch, another walk of three miles. Then it was back for Sunday School in the afternoon. Then there was a 7 pm service.

Sunday School also had a once a year anniversary afternoon service. All the parents and grandparents were the audience. The Sunday School children sat on the stage and gave a concert and then prizes were awarded to the children. There was also a Scripture Union exam for the whole of Queensland; prizes were given out to anyone who had scored enough to win another from the Scripture Union prize.

Once a month we had what was called Fellowship Tea. This was mainly for the youth. This was held between Sunday School and the 7 pm service. It was a wonderful time and there was plenty of food on the table. No hot food, just sandwiches and cakes that everyone brought in. It certainly was a tie of fellowship for the youth of the church and was well attended.

We all looked forward to that Sunday of the month. Many friendships were formed from this great time we all had. It is many, many years since I have heard of a night time service of a Fellowship Tea. I was glad to see someone reviving the idea of a night time service.

Ethel Witherspoon

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