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The road to recovery

Independence in East Timor was a long time coming. Forgiveness and restoration may be an even longer road, but as this small country navigates the way, the lessons learnt will be invaluable for those involved and for those watching. Agustinho de Vasconselos is a minister in the Protestant Church in East Timor and a member of the Commission for Reception, ...

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Website of the Month – Educating Christians

In response to a request from the last Synod for a review of Christian education resources, Mission Consultant Rev Duncan Macleod has been blogging an extensive catalogue of learning resources for use in congregations and small groups. Blogs or weblogs are a relatively new internet phenomenon and are predominantly informal journals that are frequently updated and intended for general public ...

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The church needs you

Faced with a rapidly increasing shortage of ordained ministers to serve in placements in Queensland, congregations and presbyteries are looking to retired ministers, specified lay ministers and untrained lay people to fill vacancies. A greater number of ministers are achieving ordination late in life and not serving through to retirement. This situation has been described as grim. This year six ...

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Crossroads revitalised – broadening opportunities for people with a disability

After almost 30 years of providing devotional, social, recreational and respite services to people with disabilities Crossroads has undergone some significant changes. Crossroads Director Faileen James said Crossroads’ focus was on giving people with a disability more opportunities to participate actively in the wider community and the Church. “Often people with a disability are segregated from the community," Ms James ...

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Siasi Fakamatakali ‘Oku te’eki ketau iai

Ko kitautolu koe Siasi Fakamatakali. ‘Oku tau tu’u fakataha koe faka’ilonga ‘oe fakatu’amelie ‘ihe loto-lotonga ‘oe Komiunitī ‘Āositelelia. ‘Oku ui kitautolu ke tau tu’u ‘o fakamo’oni ‘ihe loto Tui Taha moe Mo’ui ia KĿlaisi aia ‘oku ma’olunga taha ‘iha toe Matakali, ‘Ekonſmika, Pūle’anga, pē ko ha fa’ahinga Ŀ vahevahe kehekehe. Ke tau fetĿ’aki nima fakataha ‘ihe fepoupou’aki ‘ihe vilitaki ketau ...

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