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Letters November 2015

Power of plain language

I loved the moderator’s comment about needing the “power of the Spirit” to interpret some financial reports (“The Spirit is abroad in the world”, October 2015, page four).

For example, the article on page 18 of the October edition tells me (as one who sits in the congregation) what the current financial position of the Synod now is. Indeed, the pie chart has such gobbledygook statements like “Strategic Projects”, “In Solidarity”, “Core Oversight” and “Particular Function”.

I don’t need the Holy Spirit to interpret—just someone to speak in plain language.

Don Dalzell
Morningside Uniting Church

Blue Care correction

I received my copy of October Journey today, and my attention was drawn to the review of Keith Suter’s dissertation on the future of the Uniting Church (“Suter gets the ball rolling on reform”, October 2015, page 14).

I have to say I have found it to be a clear and compelling account of the situation we find ourselves in.

Just one point: In the references to some of the church’s innovative welfare services, he ascribes the founding of Blue Care (formerly Blue Nursing Service) to Albert Street Uniting. He should be corrected! While Albert Street did establish its aged-care work at Chermside very early, in the 1950s it was West End Mission, under the guidance of Rev Arthur Preston, that founded that service. As an “expat” in NSW, I am still a distant admirer of how Blue Care has developed into the major service it is today.

I continue to read Journey with deep appreciation. Keep up your good work.

Robert Luxton
Armidale Uniting Church, NSW

Get a war room

War Room is NOT terrible (“Klaxons sound at War Room’s success”, October 2015, page 16).

I saw it recently in a packed theatre and have not enjoyed a film so much for many a year. Of course as an 80-year-old, born again and Spirit-filled Bible-believing Christian Zionist, I am far from being politically correct, and I do like to see Christians score a win once in a while. I also do like to take my problems and the problems of others direct to the top, to my creator, redeemer and king. Does it always “work” how I would like it to? No it does not! But sometimes the answer is so quick that it’s scary. Of course the change in “Tony’s” life is miraculous, true conversion always is.

If all Christians had a well-used “war room” things would change dramatically in mainstream society.

Rob Pym
Iona West Uniting Church

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