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Letters October 2016

Cartoonification of Noah’s Ark

I was shown a copy of the August edition of Journey. My attention was immediately aroused by the cover image for the very good reason that Creation Ministries International has just produced an article in our latest issue of Creation magazine that focused on the cartoonification of Noah’s Ark.

It was sad to see the perpetuation of that cartoonized image on the front of a Christian publication, further promoting the idea that the flood, and with it the whole of the history in Genesis, is some sort of myth or fable.

It is especially sad when one realises how much of the credibility of the New Testament rests on that foundation. The Lord Jesus and the Apostle Paul made it clear that they took Genesis as history, basing major doctrines on those truths. The cover would have been more meaningful if it had depicted a true representation of the Ark tossed about on the broiling waves.

Margaret Wieland
Eight Mile Plains

Pray for Trinity

Your article last month, “Trinity sharpens future focus” presents briefly a positive vision for the future and the Trinity website expands on the vision. I hope it comes to fruition, despite the financial constraints.

I invite the church to pray for Lynne Gibson, Rev Mel Perkins, Rev Dr Wendi Sargeant, Dr Aaron Ghiloni and Dr Jason LeCureux, five of the teaching staff of Trinity College Queensland. Each of them is finishing up at the college. Two other staff have also left recently, John Coles on retirement, and Neil Thorpe to a new placement, and they have not been replaced. Pray too for Alice Foo who has faithfully served in an administrative role for many years and recently left.

This is the biggest turnover of staff in the history of the college, in almost forty years since the Uniting Church was inaugurated. My prayer is that God will lead them to new places of service where their particular gifts will be well exercised. Also, please pray for the ongoing work of the college including the current staff and students.

Rev Neil Sims

Stranger Danger: false alarm

In the September edition of Journey there is an article titled “Stranger Danger”. I found the content of the article was very good, well written and practical, however I thought the title “Stranger Danger” was very misleading. I am living with the effects of having been abused by church members.

No doubt my reaction is coloured by these experiences but from my point of view, the article said nothing about “Stranger Danger”. I do believe it is good to welcome new people to our churches, I have no complaint about the content of the article, but only with the title.

South Burnett

Uniting in spite of disagreement

Christians have rarely cordially agreed for long periods of time. One can go back to Paul, James and Peter at Jerusalem and Antioch, to Martin Luther and the Pope. Even Charles Wesley found that he and his brother John disagreed so much with Anglican orthodoxy that it led to the rise of Methodism of which we in the Uniting Church are the heirs.

So difference can be productive and is vital when it comes to adaptability. Adaptability is needed in this turbulent social era when Christianity is under attack from sources such as secularism and the devastating effect of people losing their trust and commitment to institutions.

Adaptability is what “progressivism” is all about. So I welcome Journey’s venture (August edition and responding letters in the September edition) in bringing to our attention the different paths that we follow. They highlight current contrasts within our denomination about our understanding of what underlies the gospel. So let’s openly share our different views on the way forward.

In seeking to further the Kingdom of God in today’s needy world, may we then with Charles Wesley confidently declare:

“He bids us build each other up;
And, gathered into one,
To our high calling’s glorious hope
We hand in hand go on.”

Rodney Eivers
Acacia Ridge Uniting Church

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