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What does a “mission ready” graduate of Trinity College Queensland actually look like?

You may have heard the phrase “mission ready” in the context of theological learning but what does that actually mean in a practical sense? Rev Nigel Rogers—Trinity College Queensland’s Dean of Formation and Dispersed Learning—illustrates the characteristics of the mission ready graduate and how that links to the Basis of Union. Would you know a graduate from Trinity if they ...

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Mind the gap

Introducing “Mind the Gap”, a column by Trinity College Queensland lecturer Simon Gomersall exploring issues around young adults, church and managing transitions from one generation to the next. Two women stood on the bow of a ship on a crisp, clear moonlight night. One surveyed the brilliance of the moon and stars reflected on the still water and, in a ...

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Multiculturalism alive and well in the church

Speaking at the 33rd Synod in Session, Multi-Cross Cultural Reference Group (MCCRG) chairperson Akesa Racava outlined the ways in which the group’s work intersects with Priority Directions, specifically around discipleship and leadership development, connecting with communities and multicultural capacity building. Citing the statistic that there are over 70 cultures within the life of the church in Queensland, Akesa presented three ...

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Tough questions, honest answers from the BCF

The activities of Trinity College Queensland were the main focus of the Board for Christian Formation (BCF) report to the 33rd Synod delivered by chairperson Rev Stu Cameron on 23 October. As the Synod’s primary vehicle for the delivery of education for ministry, the board is responsible for the overview of the college along with the selection of candidates for ...

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A gap year to remember!

Ready to leave high school behind but not ready to jump straight into further study or work? With one in four Australians choosing to take a gap year, Trinity College Queensland’s Activate program provides a challenging new option for Christians. Dianne Jensen reports. Trinity College Queensland Activate coordinator Simon Gomersall has developed an innovative three-days-a-week gap year program aimed at ...

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Apocalypse now?

Rev Dr Peter Hobson. Photo: Supplied

Should we still fear the end times as predicted by the Bible? You’ve probably seen end times in films or books but is it just the stuff of wild imaginations or should we as Christians prepare for humanity’s final act? Rev Dr Peter Hobson, Dean of Formation and Dispersed Learning at Trinity College Queensland, offers his perspective.  The Book of ...

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Seeking calm amidst the storm

Rev Monique Mawbey. Photo: Holly Jewell

With her vibrant sense of style and passion for building Christian community, the new discipleship facilitator at Bremer Brisbane Presbytery is already standing out from the crowd. Dianne Jensen talks to Rev Monique Mawbey about life, death and what young Christians think about the Uniting Church. Uniting Church deacon Rev Monique Mawbey has no hesitation in pinpointing the moment which ...

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Letters October 2016

Letters to the editor graphic by Uniting Communications.

Cartoonification of Noah’s Ark I was shown a copy of the August edition of Journey. My attention was immediately aroused by the cover image for the very good reason that Creation Ministries International has just produced an article in our latest issue of Creation magazine that focused on the cartoonification of Noah’s Ark. It was sad to see the perpetuation ...

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Trinity sharpens future focus

Image of man studying the Bible with Trinity College Queensland logo overlain on top. Photo by Uniting Communications.

Trinity College Queensland’s new strategic model reflects a fresh direction in leadership training in the Queensland Synod. Journey reports. Against the backdrop of a constantly evolving, competitive tertiary education sector, Trinity College Queensland has unveiled its Future Ministry Model for providing lay education and chaplaincy training. The initiative has been approved by the Board for Christian Formation (BCF) and endorsed by ...

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Looking for peace beyond “Holy War”

Photo of the inside of the Quran.

For many Australians the word “jihad” means one thing in an age of terrorism, but Dr Aaron Ghiloni explores the complexities and nuances of Islamic struggle and what lessons it offers non-Muslims. I was researching “jihad” on the day the Brussels airport and metro were attacked by ISIL. It could have been any day. Whether war is dubbed “cold”, “just”, ...

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