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5 ways to connect with Synod

Synod in Session is coming up later this month (20–24 October) when 400 or so members of the Uniting Church in Queensland will gather for five days. Whether you’re attending or not, here are five ways to keep informed about what’s happening and even join the conversation.

1Read the reports

Synod reports are available online and provide a succinct overview of what has been happening in the life of the church during the past 18 months. It’s the best way to get the inside scoop on the transformation taking place in the Synod office, church agencies, at the presbytery level and in congregations.

2Engage with the Synod Facebook page 

This year’s #realunitingchurch hashtag will be used throughout the event on Facebook and Twitter so if you haven’t liked the Synod’s Facebook page or given the Twitter account a follow, let your fingers do the walking to ensure that you stay informed of developments each day.

3Talk to a Synod member about your questions, ideas and concerns

Got a brilliant idea to share or a well-considered opinion on how the church should respond to contemporary challenges? Synod in Session is five days when the church comes together to discuss, listen and discern the way forward. Chances are, if something is on your mind it will be the subject of conversation at Synod.

4Pray without ceasing

If you’ve sensed that change is in the air, you’re spot on! The Uniting Church is undertaking a significant journey of reformation during its 40th year which will affect every council of the church and every member. The new wind blowing through our church brings both challenge and change and your prayers are vital as we seek to discern the will of God.

5If you’re going, let your hair down!

For those attending Synod, Saturday night will feature a 70s themed Saturday Night Fever disco party. Check the back of your wardrobe for those hot pants and body shirts (you know who you are!) and start practising your Hustle, YMCA, Bus Stop and Bump dance moves.


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