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Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers
Queensland Synod Moderator, Rev David Baker. Photo: Ben Rogers

Changing the national conversation

As you read this it’ll be one month to go. I’m writing this over two weeks before 5 June, on 16 May, and already there’s a sense of boredom and “let’s get this over with” in terms of the federal election.

That’s sad really, as in the course of human history and even in the world today, to be able to vote for a national government in a free and fair election, where there will be no bloodshed or loss of life, is a remarkable thing. It’s a gift from our forebears that we should treasure greatly.

In the weeks leading to 2 July, how about in our conversations with fellow Christians we ask, “If you were to put others and the future first, for whom would you vote?”

Or, a more open question, “If you were to put others and the future first, what are the issues that come to priority?”

Can we change the conversation to others and to the future, and not for us and now? Whistling in the wind, you might say. Well, why not whistle, I say!

Maybe if enough of us whistle, those who dance in front of us on television every night, trying to get our attention, might change their moves.

But they’ve got to hear us. Speak to your candidates, don’t hector them. Call out the best in them, ask them,“What future are you proposing for us all and for this good earth?”

Stack up what they say against the Judeo-Christian tradition. Does it measure up? Maybe it’s time that we Christians set an example by saying if we want something we should pay for it; we should, not the next generation.

This edition of Journey will help you reflect on your vote at this election. In many ways, the issues raised are not ‘big ticket’ items on the national budget. But they are ‘big ticket’ items in terms of human dignity, in terms of people having an opportunity for a meaningful and worthwhile life and in terms of Australia having a story of justice and righteousness. They are ‘big ticket’ items if you’re interested in the values of the Kingdom of God and how they speak to how we order our society.

Rev David Baker

Moderator, Queensland Synod

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