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Faith, hope, love and pokies?

AS WE EDGE closer to Christmas, we begin to focus on the hope embedded in God incarnate in a helpless being; a newborn baby. I recently heard World Vision CEO, Rev Tim Costello, speak about the Federal Government’s proposed mandatory precommitment on pokie machines. According to Mr Costello, when the Crown Casino was opened in Melbourne, then Victorian Premier, Jeff ...

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Love is all around

IN 2005 I spent Christmas morning in hospital in Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. I wasn’t sick or injured; I was singing. At that time I was the Army Chaplain deployed to support about 400 Australian Federal Police personnel and 100 Aussie soldiers who were part of the Regional Assistance Mission to the Solomon Islands (RAMSI). The local ...

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Christmas Carolling

SINGING CHRISTMAS CAROLS has certainly been part of my heritage. As a teenager it was great fun being driven around the suburbs adjacent to the local church on the back of a truck, dangling our legs over the side, singing carols accompanied by an inadequate reed organ or an inaudible guitar. Part of the deal was that we also encouraged householders ...

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War and famine: The real East Africa story

THE MOST insidious aspect of prolonged conflict is the total destruction of the lives of survivors. Once the bullets stop ringing and the staccato of missiles is silenced, the survivors have to try to rebuild their lives from the rubble. Teachers who once dreamt of mentoring future leaders have no classrooms in which to impart knowledge; doctors do not have ...

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The big questions: What don’t you believe?

This year Journey explores questions from the pews, namely from a (fictitious) person exploring faith and the Uniting Church. This month Nova B Lever asks: What don’t you believe? WHAT DO you get when you combine Yusuf Islam, progressive Uniting Church members, an altar call and the school chaplaincy program? It started with a brilliant documentary about singer-songwriter Cat Stevens ...

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