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Belonging to the body

IN the synod offi ce we are calling 2012 the year of belonging. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Back in July our communications team, now known as Uniting Communications, got together to nut out our mission statement. What we came up with inspires everything we do. Here it is: In serving God, Uniting Communications will inspire, ...

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On the way, together

WHEN I was in Year Seven at Moggill State School I started attending the Rays Group at the local Methodist Church. One evening we played a game in which we were issued five matches each. We were given the challenge of circulating the hall asking questions. But the rule was that you could not answer using either “yes” or “no”. ...

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Signs of consensus

TWAS THE night before Synod and all through the house everyone wanted to hear how the consensus model of voting worked. After a fascinating day at Pilgrim Learning Community’s REFUEL: School of theology, at Caloundra Uniting Church, I spent the night with family who have never been part of the Uniting Church. Perplexed by what I was about to embark ...

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Journey asks Harlee Cooper: What does love mean to you?

LOVE MEANS being part of something bigger than myself. It is something that reorientates the way I live my life; from the way I spend my time to my priorities. Love means getting up in the middle of the night to change dirty nappies. But I guess it is also about being vulnerable to the point where someone else’s wellbeing ...

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Journey asks Beatriz Skippen: What does hope mean to you?

HOPE IS very important for Prison Ministry; hope in Jesus. Christ means hope to everyone who wants to reach hope. In the prison hope is tangible. Many times when we talk with the inmates we need to share the hope of Christ. Last Friday I was in one of the prisons and one of the inmates said to me, “I’m ...

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Journey asks Kaye Ronalds: What does faith mean to you?

WHAT IS your favourite Christmas symbol? A star? A tree? An angel? A gift? My favourite Christmas symbol is a tent. In the first chapter of the gospel of John we read that God took on human flesh and came to live on earth. Another translation puts it this way: “God pitched a tent and came to live amongst us”. ...

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