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Refresh our elders

Phil Smith (June Journey) points to the reluctance of many members to respond positively to God’s call to this ministry. In too many Congregations, the role of elder has been restricted to that of pastoral carer, so that congregation members gifted in other areas have felt that they have no place on Church Council as elders, and some present elders ...

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Politics in a pluralistic place

ONE OF the most common questions I’ve been asked in the past few weeks is, “What do you think about a PM who does not believe in God?” This causes us to think about how Christians engage in the political arena in a pluralist society. Julia Gillard is not the first Australian Prime Minister who has not claimed to hold ...

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The Uniting Church at 33 years

On the 22nd June the Uniting Church in Australia celebrated it’s 33rd Birthday. This anniversary prompted me to think about who we are as a church and what we stand for. At 33 you’re a grown up and you know who you are. I think it’s appropriate on our birthday to reflect on how we got here, who we are ...

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Engaging science

ACCORDING TO the most recent census statistics, atheism is the fastest growing “religion” in Australia. So often science is blamed for undermining the faith of people. It is still popularly believed that science and religion are in opposition. However historians of science argue that the rise of natural science, what we in the west describe as “modern science”, grew out ...

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Redefining the gospel

Journey continues its exploration of Brian McLaren’s 10 questions that he says are transforming the church. This month we look at the gospel question. I RECENTLY came across a writer who suggested that we should be able to summarise the Christian gospel in 10 words or less. “If you can’t summarise what you believe in 10 words, do you truly ...

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Movie mind games

I HAVE enjoyed two DVDs recently that have made me think about the relationship between faith and belief in a higher power and the mind. Both films originate from a very secular understanding of faith, which is one of the things I enjoyed about them. Both films ask if faith and the idea of the soul are purely constructs of ...

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