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Giving the chance to learn

Adela, a nine-year-old Afghan girl in class at Charbagh-E-Safa Girls High School in Jalalabad. Photo by Act for Peace

Afghanistan has been wrought with conflict for over 100 years, but supporting girls’ education is helping overcome injustice and oppression, writes Karen McGrath. December in Australia is characterised by the Christmas spirit, but for Afghanistan December will be characterised by uncertainty as Australian and international troops withdraw after 12 years of occupation. This will be a pivotal moment in Afghanistan’s ...

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Reveal the kingdom

In Queensland at Christmas time, Poinciana trees are in full bloom. The explosion of red colour against the green leaves means that trees not normally noticed during the year suddenly get my attention. Families gather under those trees in parks and backyards to renew bonds of love and care, to remember who is missing and to make new memories for ...

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Remembering silence

Christian mediation at Taize

Rev Adrianne Dempster, facilitator of the Maleny Uniting Church Christian meditation group, reminds us to make space to hear the still small voice of God. On 11 November 1918, there was silence. The guns fell silent on that day in November, and on the same day in 2013, our nation will again observe one minute’s silence at the eleventh hour. ...

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Bright green discipleship

Caring for the environment is one way we can actively demonstrate our love for God and each other, writes David Weddell. At a recent dinner, I met someone really enthusiastic about church. They were one of those people who can, and will, slide the topic of church into almost any conversation—particularly if there are non-church people around. I’ve sometimes wondered ...

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Lead vulnerably

When I was preparing to serve in the role of moderator a friend lent me a book on leadership. Leadership on the Line is by Ronald Heifetz, a physician who plays the cello, and Marty Linsky, who has a background in politics and the media. Neither of the authors is a theologian, but the last section of the book focuses on body ...

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I needed help and I knew it

I knew I was in trouble when I was sleeping poorly and my usually sunny nature gave way to a cloudy, stormy self. In 2009 a series of things converged in my life and I was diagnosed with depression. The triggers included being very tired because we lived next to a major road, I was away more than 100 nights ...

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More than meets the Y

Kerry Marnane examines what discipleship means for an emerging generation in the church. As a member of Generation Y, I have heard the labels so often attributed to us. True, we are as a whole reluctant to commit—be it to events, careers or relationships; and we so often display a sense of entitlement—to a better future, better opportunities and higher standard ...

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Reining in loose change

A movement to divest of fossil fuel shares as a means to limit global warming is gaining momentum. Marguerite Marshall encourages Christians to steward their finances to support care of the earth. Divesting our fossil fuel shares and investing in clean renewable energy goes to the very heart of our lives as Christians to care for God’s creation and to ...

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