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Five ways to invite someone to church

Friendly person sticking their head out of a door. Graphic: Holly Jewell

While our primary focus should be to take the gospel message outside of these four walls, Easter presents an opportunity to welcome newcomers to church. We asked a Uniting Church teenager for some suggestions about how to invite someone to be part of the church. Show them hospitality What’s the adult equivalent of a sleepover? Do that! Invite your friend or ...

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Five questions to ask when choosing a Uniting Church school

Young school boy hugging this mother goodbye. Photo: iStock

The Uniting Church in Queensland has ten schools under its banner. These schools represent a vast variety of histories, offerings, specialisations, geographic locations and cost structures. Here are five questions to ask yourself when deciding which school is right for your child or grandchild. Do I support the ethos? Though schools may come under the Uniting Church banner, each school ...

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Making sense of Easter

Matt, a minister with St David’s Coopers Plains Uniting Church.

Conveying the meaning of Easter to people unfamiliar with the story is a job for all Christians, but it can be a challenge. Rev Matt O’Donoghue explores. Easter is my favourite part of the church calendar. It’s just so rich in ways to express ourselves in worship. Everything from a sombre Tenebrae service on Maundy Thursday through to joyous messy ...

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Solidarity forever

Current Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker.

“But in fact Christ has been raised from the dead, the first fruits of those who have died.” 1 Corinthians 15:20 If there’s one word that encapsulates the revelation of God in Jesus Christ, it is, for me, the word “solidarity”. The seasons of this time in the Christian year emphasise solidarity: Christmas, the season of “Emmanuel”—God with us; Epiphany, ...

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Less talking, more leading

A still of Rev Ralph Mayhew from a YouTube video promoting his new book.

Christian leadership isn’t about becoming a household name. Rev Ralph Mayhew looks at the need to develop new leaders in the Uniting Church. Christian leadership is always about minimising ourselves while seeking to maximise Christ. It stands in contrast to other models of leadership, where leadership is about becoming known in order to change the world. A Christian leader can ...

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In whatever you do, be a leader

A cartoon on Christian leadership by Phil Day.

Greetings for the new year; I trust and pray that you will know God’s leading and blessing in it. There are some articles on leadership in this month’s Journey. Leadership is one of those constant, big buzzwords. It seems, in the West, everyone is crying out for it, yet those who are in positions of authority across many of the ...

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Our sporting heart

Rev Tim Winslade

There’s something almost spiritual about how we gather to watch sport. Now, just as the cricket season begins, Rev Tim Winslade writes about how sport gives us an opportunity to reflect Christ to the nation. Twelve months is a long time in the world of sport. On 27 November 2014 we were shocked at the tragic death of a young ...

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Open hearts at Christmas

Don't forget your Christmas tree. Don't forget to post your cards early. Don't forget HIM.

I remember over the years hearing older folk, being confronted with new challenges and disturbing news, saying, “Would you bring a child into this world?” At this time of year we move into Advent on the journey to Christmas, and the readings of the lectionary for our worship and devotion may evoke the same response. The gospel readings are about ...

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Imagining Christmas afresh

Dona Spencer

What happens when we consciously imagine ourselves as part of the Christmas story? It helps us recognise Christ as he dwells among us today, writes Rev Dona Spencer. Whilst Christmas is a time when we remind ourselves that Jesus came as a baby, the challenge for me as a minister and as an artist is to make real the truth ...

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Seven ways to engage your inner child this Christmas

Red Lego pieces

There’s no doubt Christmas is a wondrous time for children, but for adults the stress and frenzy can detract from enjoying the time together. Rev Paul Clark gives some tips on how to recapture the joy this Christmas by engaging your inner child. Plan fun family time Throw some water balloons or board games into the Christmas stocking—and ensure you ...

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