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Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week. Check back in every Friday to see the latest wrap up of religious news that made us think and reflect.

Salvation Army Major Geoff Freind has died after being assaulted in Malawi during a preaching tour

Earlier this week The Salvation Army released a statement announcing their concern for the well-being of Major Geoff Freind who was violently assaulted while walking between his hotel and shops in Malawi last weekend. A Salvation Army Officer for 34 years, Geoff and his wife Lyn have served in ministry in Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and most recently Western Australia, where they reside in Perth.

Yesterday afternoon ABC News reported that Geoff “was put in an induced coma at a Johannesburg hospital, but died on Wednesday.” He is survived by Lyn and their four sons who travelled to be by his side.

Western Australian police chaplain talks tough

ABC News has a fascinating interview with a Western Australian police chaplain about life on the crime-fighting front line and the toughest part of his job.

Faith on the National Rugby League field

In an opinion piece for the Sydney Morning Herald, Andrew Webster takes a deeper look at Will Hopoate, his refusal to play on Sunday due to his faith and the implications it has for the Canterbury Bulldogs.

Hopate has missed three Sunday matches in 2016 but if the Bulldogs reach the grand final it’s anybody’s guess whether he will play.

Book of Leviticus rises from the ashes

The Guardian reports on the groundbreaking feat to reconstruct a scroll which was destroyed by fire damage around 1400 years ago. Discovered in 1970, the scroll was little more than burnt remains but recent advances in computer technology allowed scientists to digitally dissect the document and read its text. What they discovered was biblical.

United States faith economy worth a whopping $1.2 trillion

The Guardian reports that the faith economy in the United States is worth $1.2 trillion a year. Whew! That would make it worth more than Google, Apple and Amazon.

Find out how researchers calculated that figure.

Separating the church from the state

Relevant reports on a new study from Lifeway Research that finds 79 per cent of Americans want to keep politics out of the church.

Liverpool Football Club manager on the struggles of being a Christian in football

Premier reports on Liverpool football manager Jurgen Klopp’s struggles with being a Christian in the Premier League. His side currently sit sixth in the table after a mixed start to the season which saw them recently demolish reigning champions Leicester (4–1), beat Chelsea (2-1) thanks to a Jordan Henderson screamer but lose to newly promoted side Burnley (2–0).

Uplifting act from students at Nashville’s Christ Presbyterian Academy

400 students from Nashville’s Christ Presbyterian Academy gathered outside the home of their cancer-stricken teacher to worship with him. Watch the video of this amazing moment.

Does Fido go to heaven?

A study from researchers at North Carolina State University explores North Americans’ beliefs about the afterlife for animals. Beyond theological considerations, the study has serious implications for how the veterinary care industry interacts with people around issues of spirituality and their pets.

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