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Rev Elenie Poulos on ABC's Compass
Rev Elenie Poulos on ABC's Compass. Photo: Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Inequality and the power of imagining a different world

Ahead of Anti-Poverty week, director of UnitingJustice Rev Elenie Poulos has written a piece for Wesley Mission Brisbane highlighting the growing inequality in Australian society.

In her article she writes about the factors driving inequality both in Australia and overseas:

” … somewhere along the way, the world was hijacked by neoliberal economic theory and now we have an extreme market fundamentalism driving not only our financial systems and structures, but our political and social systems as well; and it is globalised. Inequality and climate change are just two indicators that suggest a system that is out of control and wreaking injustice and violence on people and the planet.”

Wesley Mission Brisbane is co-chair for Queensland’s  Anti-Poverty Week and is running events throughout the month of October.

Elenie’s whole essay can be found on Wesley Mission Brisbane’s website.

The free “Through my eyes” photojournalism exhibition will open 11 October at Brisbane Square Library and run until the end of November. Other events include a “Walk Against Poverty” for the whole family on 17 October at Sandgate. For more information visit antipovertyweek.org.au

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