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Billy Graham: the life and times of a Christian Crusader

For many Christians, Billy Graham was the American icon of faith that transformed 20th century evangelism. His preaching reached hundreds of millions through television, radio and books and Graham would become a mainstream figure in popular culture earning praise from as diverse a coalition as Muhammad Ali, President Obama and Johnny Cash. Nick Mattiske examines the life and legacy of ...

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Friday’s religion wrap

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week.      Easter eggs-iled from chocolate? News.com.au reports on chocolate maker Cadbury’s denials that it removed the word “Easter” from their chocolate eggs. Following Footy Show presenter Erin Molan publicly questioning why her chocolate eggs didn’t have the word “Easter” on the packaging, Cadbury released an official statement pointing to their other ...

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Is this dirty word in secular society holding Christianity back?

In secular society the term “evangelism” can carry negative associations with heavy-handed preaching at others but how do we boldly share the faith when it could lead to a hostile reception? Rev Shane Kammermann offers his thoughts. My answer to this “how” question is pretty simple, but also complex! I have become wary of “isms” which tend to make ideals ...

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What if every church … took the web seriously?

What if every church…took the web seriously? Photo: Supplied

The internet may be a ubiquitous part of our daily life but how well have we positioned our church websites and social media pages to respond to the needs and demands of today’s online audiences? Scott Guyatt writes. It’s not rocket surgery to say that the internet is all pervasive in 2017. It’s everywhere, all the time. And of course ...

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Hey! Good news!

Illustration of Mary Magdalene by Kaitlyn D’Arcy.

Telling others about the good news of Christ’s death and resurrection is a vital part of mission and discipleship, but it can be difficult—even intimidating. Rohan Salmond looks at how to overcome some of the challenges to evangelism. When Jesus was betrayed and crucified, the movement which had built up around him was shattered and immediately went underground. The eleven ...

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February 2016 Journey now available

The February 2016 masthead of Journey magazine.

Lead and share I’ve been fortunate to have grown up in schools and churches that have taken deliberate steps to cultivate and mentor young leaders. It’s been a great help to me over the years. On page four the moderator talks about leadership in a non-hierarchical Uniting Church context. Far from absolving us of the need for strong leaders, it ...

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Listen and learn

"I can't put my finger on it, Doug, but for some reason I find it easier to share my faith with you than with Ted and Tony...."

For about a year, when I was a young bloke, a mate and I used to go to King George Square once a week on a Tuesday, walk up to people having their lunch break, and ask them, “If you were to die tonight, where would you spend eternity?”  This was seen in my circles at the time to be ...

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Living the gospel in 2015

Queensland Synod Moderator Rev David Baker. Photo: Holly Jewell

This is the first Journey of the New Year, so I want to outline for you again the discernment of the 31st Synod regarding the broad priorities for the church’s life going forward. Synod discerned the following: making our worship accessible and attractive growing our members in their passion and ability to share their faith planting new communities of faith ...

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What makes the church grow?

2014 is the year of growing faith

Following the release of the Uniting Church census data, Rev Paul Clark offers some of what he has learned while ministering with churches that bucked the downward trend. In a previous parish an “expert” came through and said, “If you preach the gospel, the church grows”. I challenged him on that because it implies most churches are not preaching the ...

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Digital duo just click: Shawna Howson and Tessa Violet

Shawna Howson (Nanalew) and Tessa Violet (Meekakitty) were invited to speak at Easterfest in 2014. Photo: Rohan Salmond

In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, a new wave of writers, musicians and filmmakers are finding their voice and connecting with audiences in ways never seen before. Rohan Salmond spoke to Shawna Howson and Tessa Violet, a creative pair invited to speak and perform at Easterfest. If you are an artist, you no longer need a studio or professional broadcast ...

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