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Rallying youth on the Sunshine Coast

A new ecumenical initiative is bringing young people together on the Sunshine Coast to connect with their faith through music and exciting guest speakers. Journey reports on Activate Sunshine Coast (ASC) and what gives it the “X Factor”. It started with a simple proposition: why couldn’t the Sunshine Coast regularly hold youth rallies for the state’s Christians to connect with ...

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Nurturing faith as students move from school to university?

It can be one of the big chapters in a young person’s life—the transition from high school to tertiary education—but what happens to a young person’s faith as they encounter social and academic freedoms like never before? Raymont Residential College Principal Richard Niessl explores how to ensure high school is not the end of the road for a young person’s ...

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Moderator’s Musing – 12 February 2018

Current Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker.

So the universities are open for business again from this week and we have oversight of six residential colleges—Cromwell, Emmanuel, Grace and Kings at the University of Queensland; John Flynn at the University of North Queensland; and Raymont Residential College based in Auchenflower, which services a number of educational institutions in Brisbane. Each of these colleges seeks to provide a ...

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A mad weekend: Country kids on camp

When young people from the country get together to do everything from abseiling to bread making to learning about God, mad things happen. Steve Molkentin reports on Country Madness. Challenge, community and commitment were on the agenda for the more than 50 young people and their leaders who gathered at Seaforth Pines Outdoor Education and Conference Centre north of Mackay ...

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Digital duo just click: Shawna Howson and Tessa Violet

Shawna Howson (Nanalew) and Tessa Violet (Meekakitty) were invited to speak at Easterfest in 2014. Photo: Rohan Salmond

In today’s rapidly changing media landscape, a new wave of writers, musicians and filmmakers are finding their voice and connecting with audiences in ways never seen before. Rohan Salmond spoke to Shawna Howson and Tessa Violet, a creative pair invited to speak and perform at Easterfest. If you are an artist, you no longer need a studio or professional broadcast ...

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NCYC 2014: What is your yuróra?

Youth delegates at Yurora NCYC 2014 in Sydney, Parramatta.

NCYC 2014 was a vibrant celebration of the life and diversity found among Uniting Church young people. Tilly South reports. “Faith is a practical thing,” preached Rev Julian Hamilton, chaplain at Trinity College, Dublin and guest speaker at the 2014 National Christian Youth Convention (NCYC), a biennial event held by a presbytery or synod of the Uniting Church. “We must ...

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More than meets the Y

Kerry Marnane examines what discipleship means for an emerging generation in the church. As a member of Generation Y, I have heard the labels so often attributed to us. True, we are as a whole reluctant to commit—be it to events, careers or relationships; and we so often display a sense of entitlement—to a better future, better opportunities and higher standard ...

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