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Letter to the Editor – Autumn 2020

Climate change: a coming catastrophe or false alarm?

I do believe in climate change as the climate has always changed but I am not convinced that humans have hastened this. There are no more catastrophic events now than previously.

Climate change predictions are just that, and often based on computer modelling which has proven to be wrong. In my opinion “climate lovies” consistently manipulate the facts and figures to suit their own agenda.

Many people are making money out of “climate change” so why wouldn’t they not “believe”? Climate change is a new industry.

So wake up, get informed and stop publishing this garbage in Journey magazine. Stick to issues you know something about.

The major threat to this world is over population.

I encourage people to watch The Great Global Warming Swindle on YouTube for more information on this topic. 

Graeme Tosh

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