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Jesus, light of the world
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Autumn 2020 edition now available

Welcome to the new year and our first edition of a new decade! This time last year we transformed the dimensions of the magazine as well as the page-count and by all accounts you, the reader, have been happy with those changes. As ever, we rely on your feedback to let us know what we’re doing right and what you’d like to see more of in the magazine.

It is our Easter edition so I hope you enjoy our theological reflection by Rev Shane Kammermann which is a timely reminder that even in the darkest places Jesus is the life-giving light. Similarly UnitingWorld’s Cath Taylor writes about our brokenness and the enduring light of Christ that always finds a way to work through the cracks. And in case you sensed a light/dark theme running through our Easter articles it’s to coincide with the Synod’s Easter campaign theme, “Jesus, light of the world”.

Elsewhere we have some inspiring stories about important work being done in Next Gen Arise, Trinity College Queensland and Project Plenty; Simon Gomersall explores the stories and lessons from Christian growth happening internationally; and I ask the question whether Star Wars-mania is best left for the kids to enjoy.

Finally, over the summer we saw the devastating impact bushfires had on large sections of the Australian community, and the recovery and rebuilding of many lives will be a long and difficult journey; our feature report which was put together by both Journey writers and Assembly media sources outlines the vital work chaplains, congregations and agencies are doing together to help those who are currently enduring enormous hardship.

Ben Rogers

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