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The May 2014 edition of Journey is now available!
The May 2014 edition of Journey is now available!

May Journey now available

The May edition of Journey magazine is now available in PDF. You can download this edition and all previous editions back to 2005 on the download page.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it

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“Mission” is a funny word. When I was growing up we would describe difficult tasks as “a bit of a mission”, and if someone was looking for something they would say they were “on a mission” to find it.

If you are on a mission, it means you have a task assigned to you by somebody, and in the church that somebody is God. In church, mission is usually synonymous with “service”—by serving others we are serving God. In this sense, “mission” is very close to the idea of “vocation” or “calling”.

We often think of mission in the sense of digging wells, giving away Bibles or coordinating urban renewal projects, but following our mission can take other forms too. Our cover story is about an American/Canadian duo who came to speak at Easterfest about their creative work. Neither one is an evangelist, but they have a strong sense that making art is an expression of God’s work in them. It’s part of their careers, but it’s also a service to their audience. It’s their mission.

What’s your mission? You might feel compelled to stand up for something you feel strongly about. You could find a new way to be of service to your local church or community. Someone might want prayer or need a helping hand.

Perhaps you are already on a mission and you’ve just never thought about it that way. Let’s celebrate mission in all its forms.

Rohan Salmond
Cross-platform editor

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