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Winter 2019 edition now available

Welcome to the Winter 2019 edition where you’ll find extensive coverage of all the news from the 34th Synod including the outcomes from the Moderator-Elect discernment process and various reports that were put to the Synod.

One of the great opportunities attending Synod in Session affords is to meet various people from around the life of the church and I try to take the opportunity to discuss Journey magazine with ministers and congregants and whether or not people are distributing and reading it. We work hard to make Journey a true representation of the church in Queensland and welcome feedback and story ideas; without your feedback we wouldn’t have a magazine.

During the closing worship at this year’s Synod, General Secretary Rev Heather den Houting asked members, “As we look at the legacy that has been left for us, what is the legacy we are planting?” It’s a poignant and confronting question for the church but it’s also a question pertinent to every aspect of our lives; you may have even heard something similar pondered during this year’s Federal election.

You can reflect on what we as a society leave for future generations in terms of the environment, economic wealth or social stability, or, closer to home, what your family might be leaving to your heirs in terms of property or money, but we should remember the Apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 2:4: “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others.” Paul was likely awaiting trial (and potential execution) but understood the grand importance of continuing God’s work in the future despite his own circumstances.

We are all called to consider our purpose and how we can strive to secure something better for those that follow; in “the day of Christ” what have you done to be proud to show you did not labour in vain?

As we finalised this edition we looked over all the stories and were greatly encouraged by the work being done across the life of the church in Queensland to serve the world for which Christ died.

Whether it’s fresh expressions of Christian ministry in the form of SurfChurch, engagement with First Peoples on the journey to reconciliation or what environmentally friendly practices the church is implementing, you’ll find an inspiring snapshot of the church and the work it is doing for future generations.

Ben Rogers

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