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Could Spong be Uniting?

Journey asked Trinity College Director of Studies in Systematic Theology Rev Dr Geoff Thompson whether there is a place in the Uniting Church in Australia for the theology articulated by John Shelby Spong and championed by self-styled progressive Christians. FOR MANY people, the Uniting Church is a natural home for this kind of theology. Why is this so? After all, ...

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Driving under influence

Uniting Church Queensland Synod Vision for Mission Advocate Rev Duncan Macleod has a personal investment in road safety. His 18 month old daughter was hit by a car and killed in 1992. The driver was traveling at ten kilometers over the speed limit. It’s difficult to watch some of the commercials that show similar scenarios. The agony is all too ...

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From the editor – July 2007

Synod can be a pretty emotional time. When things are going well it’s a bit like being on a natural high. All is well with the world, faith is encouraged, and hope runs amok. When things are going badly, or even just badly from my point of view, it is hard to stay optimistic, easy to be discouraged and tempting ...

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An intimate conversation amongst friends?

On the Sunday morning of Synod I preached on the theme, “Running Free”.  It was a sermon about the sinful burdens we choose to carry and how, as a result, our lives and relationships are inevitably damaged. It was also a clear declaration of the good news that in Jesus Christ we can know the reality of forgiveness and new ...

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Is this our Australia?

IN LATE 1847, Karl Marx and his fellow communitarians were accused by some of the bourgeois elite of undermining the most fundamental of social institutions – private property and the family. His response was characteristically scathing, and ingenious: “You are horrified at our intending to do away with private property. But in your existing society, private property is already done ...

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