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A statement from the Moderator on Pentecost Sunday

Last weekend the Moderator of the Queensland Synod Rev Dr David Pitman participated in various church and community-related activities as part of the Festival of the Wind, organised by Tourism Chaplain, the Rev Terry Ayling, in the Whitsunday’s.  These events related to both the Christian celebration of Pentecost as well as remembering that Captain Cook named the Whitsunday Passage and Pentecost Island ...

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From the editor – April 2007

I guess it will be on television here soon. The documentary The Lost Tomb of Jesus produced by Hollywood film maker James Cameron claims a 2000-year-old tomb found in Jerusalem may hold the remains of Jesus of Nazareth, Mary his mother, Mary Magdalene, said to be his partner, and Judah, said to be their son, together with other members of ...

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Living the resurrection

THE GOSPEL records tell us that the encounters the disciples had with the risen Jesus were life-changing experiences. John, in his Gospel record, describes how the fear that gripped the disciples was transformed into joy, and how the doubt that engulfed Thomas was converted into faith, as Jesus appeared amongst his followers and restored their hope and confidence. Then, as ...

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From the Editor – March 2007

Sometimes it can be the most uncomfortable time of the service, especially if you are sitting in the front row and that big open bowl comes past for your offering. If you’re first, whatever you put in, the next person along is going to know how much it was. Maybe that’s why people like envelopes – at least that way ...

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