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Seven ways to engage your inner child this Christmas

There’s no doubt Christmas is a wondrous time for children, but for adults the stress and frenzy can detract from enjoying the time together. Rev Paul Clark gives some tips on how to recapture the joy this Christmas by engaging your inner child.

1Plan fun family time

Throw some water balloons or board games into the Christmas stocking—and ensure you use them a number of times these holidays. Do this even if you don’t have children.

2Get down on the floor

Spend time on the floor playing with your kids/grandkids/friends’ kids and their new toys.


3Get decorating

Go all out or keep it simple, but decorate the house, Christmas tree or put up Christmas lights with loved ones.

4Give presents away in a public place

You might need to get permission, but spread the joy at a nursing home, kindy, school or workplace that you have a connection with.

5Watch the Home Alone movies

Go on, watch all five of them over the Christmas season.


6Go carolling

Find an opportunity to sing carols—by candlelight, in a nursing home, or go door-to-door! Have some fun and change the words to make you and your audience laugh.

7Read the Christmas story with wide-eyed wonder

Maybe from a children’s Bible or storybook, read the Christmas story and ponder the events with the wonder of a child.

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