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3DM workshop participants practicing a Huddle while sitting in a circle.
3DM workshop participants practicing a Huddle. Photo: Supplied

Getting acquainted with 3DM

Journey reported on 3DM in August, and spoke with Rev Orrell Battersby about his experiences using a systematic approach to discipleship and mission. Orrell recently attended an introductory workshop at the Queensland Synod’s office and shares his reflections with The Scoop.

On 10 September around 40 people attended a 3DM introductory workshop held at the Queensland Synod’s office in Auchenflower. It was a great opportunity for our particular tribe to learn about 3DM’s expertise in Discipleship and Missional Communities on our own turf, with our own leaders, leanings and lexicon, all of which contributed to the experience.

There was real energy in the room, and a desire to comprehend which did result in some tire kicking, a necessary component in the inspection phase. Importantly, the day was led, not by experts from bigger and better churches, but by leader practitioners, who are applying 3DM’s tools and principles in their own settings.

At the very core of 3DM is a process of regularly answering two of life’s important questions: “What is God saying to you?” and “What are you going to do about it?”

This is done using a process known as the “Learning Circle” which takes us on a tour of reflection, observation, and discussion, all the way through to planning, accountability and action.

Given that, let me offer a reflection and an observation in the spirit of the Learning Circle.

Reflection: 3DM’s emphasis on Discipleship and Missional Communities is very much in alignment with two of the highest agreed priorities formed at the 31st Synod’s Open Space Gathering and the priority directions (to be Christ-centred at prayer and listening and discipleship) for 2016–2020 that emerged from the 32nd Synod.

Observation: 3DM’s mission is “Putting discipleship and mission back into the hands of everyday people”. We can do this. We must do this, with or without 3DM. What we need now is some discussion by interested participants from the workshop, a plan, some accountability and an action. I can’t wait to see what rolls out of this particular workshop.

Rev Orrell Battersby

Rev Orrell Battersby is the minister at Newlife Uniting Church at Pacific Pines.

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