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Talking about Climate Change

In a new report examining Australians’ responses to climate change the CSIRO found that that people are inaccurate when predicting the views of other Australians. When asked about the nature of climate change, fewer than 8% of respondents were of the opinion it was not happening at all, yet these respondents estimated that almost 50% of the Australian public would share their view.

However, a large majority of people think climate change is happening, and are slightly more likely to attribute climate change to humans than to natural fluctuations in Earth’s temperature.

On a more hopeful note people are slightly more positive about the potential outcomes of responding to climate change and thinking that responding to climate change would provide a sense of purpose, provide people with an opportunity to be part of something bigger, and foster greater community spirit.

Could the people in your church talk about Climate Change issues?

Queensland Churches Together has published Faith and Caring for the Environment, a series of five studies that can be downloaded at no cost and be reproduced for use by small study groups. These studies look at the Bible text, theological approaches, and official church statements and give opportunity to discuss practical options.

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