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The wonder that changes the world

As Christmas approaches, UnitingWorld’s Cath Taylor considers the wonderful progress we’ve made as a global community and what you can do at Christmas to make an extraordinary impact in the lives of the disadvantaged. Andy Williams is crooning about Christmas being “the most wonderful time of the year” as my trolley nicks a display of chocolate Santas and sends them ...

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How many goats does it take to change a lightbulb?

This article is brought to you by UnitingWorld. UnitingWorld’s Cath Taylor shines a light on the life-changing results your donations have on communities in Indonesia and how a humble goat can lead to schooling, medicine, food and economic development. Okay look, goats are good for a lot of things, but changing lightbulbs isn’t one of them. Sorry to disappoint. On ...

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Journey’s last-minute Christmas gift guide

With Christmas less than two weeks away, news reports suggest Christmas spending is at its weakest in four years as shoppers struggle to find the must-have presents to put under the tree. Some blame economic factors such as rising utility costs and slow income growth, others cite the lack of new toys and trinkets in the market to stimulate demand ...

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Life, death and the birth that changes everything

For millions around the world the Christmas season brings no respite from a range of preventable risks such as dirty water or malaria. UnitingWorld’s Cath Taylor reflects on the Christmas story, personal tragedy and how we can bring hope to those abroad who are disadvantaged. I remember the birth of my first child: three-and-a-half hours in the final stage, head ...

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These Timor-Leste kids love to see the dentist … meet the Aussie church members who made it possible

The Statement to the Nation (1977) made by the Uniting Church in Australia 40 years ago spelled out the enduring connection between the founding denominations and the churches of the Pacific and South East Asia. A partnership between Glebe Road Uniting Church, Ipswich and Ekaristi Church in Dili, Timor- Leste is proof positive of that evolving relationship. This report by ...

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After the flood, where’s the river of tears?

With a major humanitarian disaster unfolding in Nepal, India and Bangladesh due to dangerous flooding, UnitingWorld’s Cath Taylor asks where is the media coverage and what can we do to help?  The first I knew of 16 million people inundated by floodwater were the photos from a friend on Facebook. Outstretched hands, bare shoulders, muddy torrents: they were the first of what ...

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How good is your gift?

Cath Taylor for Theology in Action

While there’s seemingly no escape from the onslaught of consumerism during the Christmas season, Cath Taylor unwraps the act of giving in a theological context.  Australians give a lot of gifts—about $8.9 billion worth last year, apparently. But how good were they? A jaw-dropping $500 million worth ended up back on eBay within a month and quite a few of ...

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Bridging the Gap with Sri Lanka

Members of The Gap Uniting Church recently completed a challenging trek through Sri Lanka. Photo: Supplied

Members of The Gap Uniting Church recently completed a challenging trek through Sri Lanka to raise money to support children with disability. Joanne Allen-Keeling shares her account of the adventure and how UnitingWorld are shaping lives and communities abroad for the better. On 21 September 2016, the Bridge The Gap team set off for Sri Lanka to visit the projects ...

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Promoting change through Pacific prayers

Pray for Our Pacific. Photo: 350pacific.org

The Pray for Our Pacific campaign from 3–11 September is encouraging Australian faith communities to host a special service or event to highlight the region’s ongoing challenges of climate change and environmental damage. Pacific Island nations, which are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change, face a range of environmental threats such as cyclones, floods and droughts. Thousands have ...

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