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December Journey masthead. Photo by Uniting Communications.
December Journey masthead. Photo: Uniting Communications

December Journey now available

Most of us know the feeling of relief finding a car park brings after driving around and around for what feels like forever during the Christmas shopping spree.

December Journey front cover.

December Journey.

The Synod Christmas postcard theme this year is Find refuge this Christmas, and at its best, this is what coming to church feels like—finally, a space for me!—especially if other places have been hard and inhospitable. Christmas itself can feel cluttered and loud, with constant music, intrusive decorations and bustling crowds, undercutting the real meaning of Christmas, so even the most well-off need a space to rest and get some TLC this time of year.

Mary and Joseph could only find a stable in which to rest, but it still gave them the reprieve they needed on their journey. When people come visiting this Christmas, give them whatever hospitality you can. You never know who they might be!

By the way, thank you to the 102 people who took the time to fill out the Journey readership survey last month—the data has already been used as part of our planning for next year.

One overwhelming message was to include more letters to the editor, to which I say, get writing! More letters would be great, but I can only publish them if I receive them. Journey accepts letters of up to 150 words and a full set of guidelines can be found in the submissions section of JourneyOnline. I look forward to hearing from all of you when Journey returns in February.

Happy Christmas!

Rohan Salmond
Cross-platform editor

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