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Companions on the journey

By Rev Andrew Gunton, Moderator, Uniting Church in Australia Queensland Synod.  Do you have a close companion who supports you on your journey through life? Maybe if you’re fortunate enough, you might have a few people who continue to support you, to love you, and to hold you close in the times when the going gets tough. In the biblical ...

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For God’s sake, love!

By Paul Wetzig, Project Officer – Discipleship. I’ve recently found myself in a couple of situations where I’ve had to engage with neighbours who have been less than neighbourly in the way they’ve treated me and, in some instances, deeply wounded me. Confronted by these situations, I’ve been forced to consider how it is that Jesus would ask me to ...

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Journey to the unknown

By Dr John Harrison, Senior Lecturer in Journalism & Professional Communication, School of Communication & Arts, The University of Queensland.  The book of Ruth is a series of journeys. Naomi journeys to Moab. Naomi and Ruth journey back to Judah. The more important of the journeys is that of Ruth from her home in Moab to Bethlehem in Judah, which ...

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Embracing the Unknown: Traveling Towards the Divine

By Fernando Torres, Activate Coordinator – Trinity College.  Jonah’s journey is also my journey. No, I wasn’t called to travel and preach in Nineveh, nor did I arrive in Australia in the belly of a fish – it would have been way cheaper, though! …but the more I “read my own life”, the more I realise that the stories in ...

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Jonah’s Story: Overcoming Fears and Prejudices to Serve Others

By Steve Webster, Mission Facilitator – Transforming Communities The supermarket has often been the scene of many a toddler communicating their annoyance at their parent or guardian’s refusal to purchase a much-desired item of their choice. The crying, screaming, and yelling on the floor has often brought upon many a red face of embarrassment.  It’s a scene I’m sure many of ...

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Book Review: Growing Young – Six Essential Strategies to Help Young People Discover and Love Your Church

By Richard Moor, Children Youth and Families Pastor, Southside Uniting. “Our church is getting older”, or “We don’t have any young people.” We are used to these comments. You have probably been aware for a while that there seems to be a problem with our churches connecting with young people. The book points out that church numbers are declining, and ...

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