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Magnifying glass over an open Bible.

Friday’s religion wrap

NFL star’s end of life marked with John 3:16

The Washington Post reports on the suicide of controversial NFL star Aaron Hernandez and the alleged Bible citation written on his forehead. Hernandez, a former New England Patriots tight end, was found dead in his prison cell with John 3:16 written in red across his forehead.

He was serving life without parole for murder and was only recently found not guilty for a separate double murder charge.

Sydney Baptist reverend discusses Islamophobiaphobia

The Daily Mail focuses on a Sydney Baptist reverend who says people should not be afraid to be called Islamophobic and that the authorities need to be more careful with immigration policy.

Egyptian-born George Capsis said Islamist migrant preachers were radicalising the children of migrants and should be deported.

“We probably should deport some people who preach hate. You hate to do that but you’ve got to make a stand,” said Capsis.  

Netflix doco hype is second-to-nun

Relevant Magazine features the trailer for Netflix’s latest true crime documentary series, The Keepers, which focuses on a murdered nun and scandals in the Catholic Church.

Netflix’s last major true crime documentary series Making a Murderer attracted intense global interest and critical acclaim.

Woman is very old, credits being in God’s fold

CBN News reports on the world’s oldest woman, 117-year-old Violet Mosse-Brown from Jamaica, and how her Christian faith has been vital to her longevity.

“Thank God for what he has given to me … I’ve done nearly everything at the church. I spent all my time in the church,” Brown said.

She was recently honoured by Jamaican Baptist churches for her service to children’s and music ministry.

It’s not all down to the Lord though: Brown says healthy eating and working hard has also played its part.

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