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Introducing BreadFishToo

To celebrate Queensland Youth Week, Steve Molkentin writes about BreadFishToo, an online community of faith specifically for young people within the Uniting Church in Australia, Queensland Synod. BreadFishToo has been running for a little over a year and we’re journeying together to learn more about Jesus and how to live out our faith as consistently online as we do in ...

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Religion Wrap

Honouring the Rev Dr Martin Luther King Jr In a feature published in the New York Times to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s death, Dr Gregory Stirling, dean of Yale Divinity School reflects on the influence of Dr King. The title “reverend” — and Dr. King’s prominent vocation as a Baptist preacher — is too often ...

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Social responsibility review – 3 April

What’s happening this week? The inaugural Queensland Youth Week will be held from Friday 6 April to Sunday, 15 April. The week is designed to give Queenslanders aged 12 to 25 the opportunity to have their voice heard and make a difference. To find out more, visit the QLD Youth Week website. Sustainable peace and development in a polarising world ...

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Religion wrap

The Irish leading the way The Irish Times have reported that Irish people between the ages of 16 and 29 are among the most religious in Europe. The study of religious affiliation and practice among young Europeans, aged 16-29, was conducted by two Catholic universities: St Mary’s University, Twickenham in London and the Institut Catholique de Paris. Its findings will ...

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Social responsibility review – 27 March

What’s happening this week? Sustainable peace and development in a polarising world From 9-11 April, The Centre for Interfaith & Cultural Dialogue at Griffith University’s Nathan campus will host the first ‘Commonwealth Conference’ from April 9-11, exploring the role of the Commonwealth of Nations in achieving sustainable peace and development. Setsuko Thurlow who accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on behalf ...

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Moderator’s Musing – 27 March 2018

Current Queensland Synod moderator, Rev David Baker.

“Bringing the game into disrepute”.   It’s pretty much equivalent to blasphemy these days. The more matters are disclosed, the more the problem with the men’s Australian Cricket team captain seems to be as much that he demonstrated an inability to understand the symbolism of his role and his actions as that he colluded in ball tampering, bad as that ...

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Make some noise for the planet this Earth Hour

Sue Hutchinson encourages Australian’s to flick the switch this Saturday evening for Earth Hour. Australia has some of the world’s most iconic and breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife. Just like so many of the natural wonders of our world, we’re facing massive threats to our biodiversity due to climate change. On 24 March, millions of people in over 180 countries ...

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Friday’s religion wrap

Photo of a magnifying glass over an open Bible.

The Journey team selects stories that got us talking this week.      Mascot loss for the Holy Cross  The Blaze reports on the decision by the College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts to drop their knight mascot and all knight-related imagery from the college because of its association with violence and Islamophobia.  College president Rev Philip L. Boroughs wrote to the campus ...

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Social responsibility review – 20 March

What’s happening this week? 20 March is International Day of Happiness, a global celebration with a call for happiness to be given greater priority. To find out more, visit the International Day of Happiness website. 21 March is Harmony Day, an event designed to celebrate Australian multiculturalism, based on the successful integration of migrants into our community. Held every year ...

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Book review: The New Cosmic Story

As science progresses and we learn more about the universe and our place within it, what role does religion and spiritual thought play in unlocking the mysteries of our cosmic beginnings? John Haught’s latest book The New Cosmic Story grapples with the big questions of our existence and how religion has a far greater role in understanding the universe than some ...

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