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You can serve your church in unusual ways.
You can serve your church in unusual ways.

Seven weird ways to serve your church

Did you think serving the church only involves greeting people at the door or pouring cups of tea? Serving your church, whether it’s your local congregation or some of the larger bodies within the denomination instills a sense of ownership and helps grow faith. There are many different ways to serve, not all of which are immediately obvious. Here’s some ways to serve you might not have thought about:

1Update your church sign

This is one of your church’s most valuable assets, which makes the person with the stepladder and the box of plastic letters pretty important. Your church sign sends an instant message to passers-by about why people trickle in and out of the building during the week and mill about drinking tea in frocks on Sundays. A good sign might even make passers-by want to join in.

2Pick people up for church

Would you leave grandma out when you had a family dinner? The church is a family, so it’s not complete unless all the members are present. For those people who are housebound, being picked up lets them know they still belong.

3Be on a board

If you are from the corporate world, from small business or work in the public service you might not think your skills are particularly churchy—but that’s not so! By applying to be on a Uniting Church board, you can bring an important perspective to how the Uniting Church functions. These groups discern how the church is best run and how we engage with our agencies and schools. You can make a difference!

4Knit something

Church knitting groups might look pretty harmless, but these knitters can be a powerhouse for mission. Not only do they produce awesome, useful items, they draw in people from all over and wrap them in a cocoon of hospitality and comfort. They’ll even teach you to knit (which is cool now), and if you can’t join, donate wool!

5Be a member of Synod or Assembly

The Synod in Session and the Assembly are the key decision-making bodies of the Uniting Church. They are vibrant communities of faith which should represent every part of our church from every corner of the state or the country. Sometimes we need to see the bigger picture to be reminded of the enormous scope of the Uniting Church in Australia.

6Thank your musicians

These people are real troopers. They come in early to set up, get criticised for playing too fast or too slow, and they have to accompany people determined to sing at their own pace anyway. Without them we would have longer sermons and no opportunity to stand up and stretch our legs. They also create moments where we can connect with God in a different way. Not everyone can pick up an instrument, but everyone can say thanks.

7Be a webmaster

Your church website is the face of your congregation, but if the information isn’t up to date it can make a bad first impression. The first thing most people do when they want to learn about your congregation is google you. Does your church have someone to give the website some tender loving care? Whether young or not so young, it’s easy to learn and a vital part of ministry in the digital age, making new people and visitors feel welcome.


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