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The 15th Assembly—Grace in abundance, hope liberated

Members of the Uniting Church’s 15th Assembly have returned home to share the news of the landmark decisions made at the 15th triennial meeting. Matt Pulford reports. Over seven days from 8–14 July, more than 260 Assembly members shared prayer, worship and bible studies with ecumenical and interfaith friends, church partners and each other. Former South Australia Moderator Dr Deidre ...

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Spring 2018 edition now available

So the 15th Assembly has concluded, decisions have been made and the church has a new President and President-elect. Let’s not ignore the elephant in the room though: after three decades of conversation and six years of formal consideration, the church has a position on same-gender marriage. Is everyone happy with that position? No. Is everyone happy with the process ...

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What to expect from the 15th Assembly

Uniting Church members from around Australia will come together in prayerful community at Box Hill Town Hall in July for the 15th Assembly meeting. Matt Pulford reports on the issues in focus for the church. On 8 July, members of the 15th Assembly will install Dr Deidre Palmer as president, the second woman in the history of the church to ...

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Whole-of-church commitment required on safety

Uniting Church members are being called on to do their part to make our church, agencies and schools the safest they can be for children and all people in our care. Journey reports. The Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse handed down its 17 volume report on 15 December 2017, bringing the landmark inquiry to a close after almost five ...

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Hearts on fire at Assembly

A collection of photo from the Uniting Church 14th Assembly meeting; Hearts On Fire.

The Uniting Church triennial Assembly met and tackled weighty subjects, but still found time for fellowship and reconciliation. Nigel Tapp reports. There are those within the Uniting Church who would deride the triennial Assembly gathering as a bit of talkfest. And there really is a lot of talking. Over six days members deal with a range of issues, both of ...

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New church for Mapoon

niting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress flag for the NADOIC Week march at Mapoon. Photo by cookpod.wordpress.com.

An appeal to replace the church at Mapoon which was burned in 1963 has been launched. Rohan Salmond writes. A new appeal to rebuild the church at Mapoon has been authorised by the 14th Assembly. Mapoon, on Cape York in far north Queensland was originally a Presbyterian mission. Bauxite was discovered in Mapoon during the 1950s, making the area of ...

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New road for Frontier Services

Four wheel drive in the outback. Photo was supplied.

The 14th Assembly has sought to understand the reasons behind the changing circumstances of the Uniting Church’s valued remote area ministry Frontier Services. Nigel Tapp writes. Frontier Services is changing tack, re-directing its work away from aged-care to community support activities and resourcing patrol ministry. Less than a year after Frontier Services celebrated its 100th anniversary and the 13th Assembly ...

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Steady hand at the helm

Incoming Uniting Church, National Assembly General Secretary Colleen Geyer. Photos were supplied.

With Rev Terence Corkin stepping down as Assembly general secretary at the end of the year, Queenslanders will find a familiar face at the helm in 2016. Nigel Tapp reports. The 14th Assembly has appointed UnitingCare Queensland’s director of mission, Colleen Geyer as its incoming general secretary. Colleen will take the reins from Rev Terence Corkin, who will step down ...

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August Journey now available

The real work Assembly has come to a close for another triennium, but really the work has just begun. The meeting resolved to undertake all kinds of tasks that will keep us well and truly busy over the next three years. Committees, working groups and task groups have been formed; regulations have been changed and now need enacting; awareness-raising campaigns ...

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Travelling north

Uniting Church President-elect Stuart McMillan at Darwin warf

From 12 July Stuart McMillan will become president of the Uniting Church—only the third lay person to ever hold the position. Matt Pulford writes. Stuart McMillan says he had a really good first week working for the Uniting Church in the Northern Territory. But the way that week started wasn’t promising. Six weeks after being interviewed in Sydney for an ...

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