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Letters June 2016

Disappointing that your excellent article on Julie McCrossin (June 2016 edition) brought in the denominational issue. Sydney Anglicans’ ideas are represented in one wing of our Uniting Church, while Rev Dorothy McRae-McMahon is represented on another. Those of us somewhere in the centre thank God for our Christian fellowship with both wings.

I don’t have any worry about your excellent demonstration of how one person found acceptance in one “church” rather than another. I suppose that it was when you sort of used the church of Rev McRae-McMahon as representative of the Uniting Church (as against the Sydney Anglicans) that I began to get worried.

From the snippets that I have read in church magazines over the years it seemed to me that the very “liberal” views of Rev McRae-McMahon and her church, represented only one wing of our Uniting Church—a very “liberal” view.

On the other hand during my wanderings around the state, I found quite a number of Uniting Churches who have what I would call a rather literal dogmatic, almost fundamentalist view of bible theology that I would associate with the general stance of the Sydney Anglicans.

And of course, I have found a great many more Uniting churches somewhere in the centre. I have learnt to respect all those who have accepted Christ and are trying to live as his disciples.

Journey is (and is meant to be I’m sure), a blessing to all our Queensland Uniting Churches. I guess I saw in your editorial statement an unconscious leaning to favour one part of our Uniting Church against another.

Rev Alan Renton
Magnetic Island

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