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Letters November 2017

Too theological?

I refer to the article in October’s issue of Journey, “Reformation and the Uniting Church”. It appeared to me that this article was written for trained theologians. I found it difficult to understand. I had never met the word “apophatic” before.

Journey’s aim surely is communication with the person in the pew. I believe this article failed that test. If we want Journey to be read and appreciated I believe that it must resist any impression of elitism, which was the impression I got from the language in this article.

Joyce Rieck
Rosewood Uniting Church

No degree required?

Having just read—in part—the latest edition (October 2017 edition), I am left wondering with whom you are communicating.

Many Uniting Church members do not have any sort of degree, let alone one in either theology or administration. I’m grateful that I was not on the committee that produced “Facilitate collaborative strategic resource management actions”. Reeaally! I stopped reading that particular item, not being familiar with administrative/managerial gobbledygook. Also what is the church’s definition of “stakeholder”?

I enjoyed most of the reflections on Luther, though it was rather hard going at times, but how many people understand “eschatology” and its implications, and even after consulting a dictionary regarding “apophatic”, I am not sure what the author meant.

Thanks for the articles by the editor and Rev David Baker: they can be understood and enjoyed by everybody.

Margaret Julian
Bribie Island Uniting Church

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